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The Beauty of a No

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Posted on August 13, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

Being able to continually hear “no” and have people miss appointments and generally just not respond or show up is a tough skill to master in a small business. It is a very humbling experience that can rock even the most positive of outlooks. When someone doesn’t show up and won’t respond when you follow up it can hurt personally and in your business. We can start to feel jaded about people and think there are no polite people left in the world.

However, that simply is not true. There are wonderful people in the world and there are yes answers. There are people who will show up and that will keep their appointments or hold their parties or classes. They will be interested in what you are offering and they will say yes. It is however very difficult sometimes to find these people but the high of that encounter is what often carries us forward until we can find another just like them.


No is a harsh word. It’s small but imprints a negative message to a question, opportunity, or situation. If you have a direct sales business you will hear this word more than any 2 year old toddler will ever say it. This simple small word will continually pound on your self-esteem until it makes you question if you were really sane to even consider you could sell anything.

One of the first skills to develop in your small business is learning how to manage this word. It does not have to be entirely negative and it doesn’t have to the sign the end is here before it even began.

If you were hiring someone to do a project for you, would you like for someone to say yes and then do a crummy poor job? No of course you wouldn’t want that!If someone told you yes they were interested in joining your team and building a business but then they never did anything to actually build a business would you want that in your model? Would you want the stress of trying to motivate, follow up, encourage, coach and get frustrated because they said yes but didn’t really mean it? No, you don’t want that in your business! Certainly not on your frontline of your doTERRA business!If someone said they were interested in your product and wanted to meet but then they spent the whole time on their phone and talking to everyone but you would you still think it was worth your time? No! This is worse than if they didn’t show up at all.

Sometimes it’s ok to hear no. If someone tells you no sometimes they are doing you a favor! Sure it still hurts and it won’t bring sales volume in but it does something much better for you: