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The Christmas Feeling

I know a lot of people, myself included at times, who struggle getting into the “Christmas spirit.” We just don’t feel Christmasy or we aren’t into all the sparkle and joy that is around us. I often have to wonder about all those people who say they want to put their Christmas tree in October and they have one in every room of their home. Here it is two weeks away and I don’t have ornament one hung. I admit if it weren’t for our young son there would be years I wouldn’t put up a tree at all.

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas because I do. It’s just that sometimes the way I need to feel this season to have that joy come out of me conflicts with the external messages going on around me. The constant barrage of advertisers all wanting my money for the latest gadget, toy or technology, the onslaught of crazy in the grocery stores and the traffic every where I go. It’s like we see all these Christmas shows and movies about holding Christmas in your heart and feeling it there but in reality it’s all stress, drama, chaos and store fights. Sometimes it truly feels like we are missing the mark on the beauty, grace and simplicity of this season.

We can all choose how to celebrate the holiday and for some that does include rushing store to store for gadgets, toys and technologies. There are also some of us who prefer the quieter ease of online shopping with doorstop delivery. Regardless of how you go about preparing for this season gift wise I want to share with you some of the bigger things about this season that often go overlooked or underplayed. To me these are the things that make this season the best and what I believe should be more important than those gifts under the tree.

Comfort & Joy

You know those times where you can actually sit down to read an actual book, watch a movie or take a nap? You know how all year you’ve been saying just how tired you are and how much you’re not sleeping well?

This is the perfect time of year to cuddle up next to a fireplace with a book, favorite movie and relax. Leave your phone in the other room and just be where you are. Enjoy, savor, take in and cherish this moment right now. Experience true comfort, peace, and joy from being here now.

Too often in our lives we are rushing to deadlines and to-do lists and Christmas can easily make that seem double time but if you push back you can find this level of peace. Take it! Make it your own and enjoy these tender moments when we can truly relax and let someone else fight over the hot toy at the store. Trust me your kids will not remember that toy in 10 years or what you did to get it but they will totally remember that Saturday afternoon you spent playing board games, eating popcorn and listening to holiday music.

Find comfort this season to relax and be spontaneous. Have fun and be you. Let go of what is around you and find your own way to experience comfort and joy. I really enjoy diffusing some doTERRA Ginger and Cinnamon with a dash of Frankincense in the living room when my family and I do this together. (2 drops of each oil in a high quality diffuser)

Silent Night

Oh the rest of the season is the best there is! You can cuddle deep under that heavy quilt and flannel pjs and snooze. Many of us have time off work throughout this month too where we can actually sleep in and for many of us that is a true luxury.

I don’t get to sleep in very often and when it’s cold and dark in the morning those are the worse. So when I get that precious chance to sleep without an alarm and wake when I naturally do it is superb. There is nothing like being warm and waking up rested with no particular agenda to follow.

It is on these mornings I love making breakfast. We are pancake people and I’ll make up a batch with some sizzling bacon and hot coffee. To make the pancakes extra yummy I’ll add in 2 drops doTERRA OnGuard for a cinnamon flavor that is also immune boosting.

Seriously if you have the chance to get up at 5AM for a sale or sleep in, choose sleep. There is nothing at that store that you can’t buy later or if you need it at all. Now having been someone who used to get up early for certain sales I will say if it really really matters then there’s a balance but don’t get so sucked up in the shopping aspect of the season you forget to rest!

Mary Did You Know

Did you know that if you intentionally stop and enjoy a coffee in the middle of the afternoon for no reason it is incredibly yummy?

Did you know that if you wrap presents in newspaper or fancy paper it still gets ripped?

Did you know marshmallows are best burned on open outdoor fire pit and then dunked in hot cocoa? (that’s just my personal preference)

There are so many ways to enjoy this season and most of them can be done for not much money at all. It’s ok that things are not perfect. Whoa! That’s huge so I’m going to say it again – – IT’S OK THAT THINGS ARE NOT PERFECT!

When you stop the roller coaster ride of sales and stores you realize it can be a spectacular season. You actually find yourself humming a holiday song, smiling and having a little fun. This is because you see the beauty, grace and love of this season that can only be felt and shared. You experience the holiday as it was meant to be celebrated. Together.

To help I like to roll on a blend called Together from the 2019 doTERRA Convention (limited edition oil)

In a 10ml roller ball bottle fill with these oils and then top rest with fractionated coconut oil. Roll on to feel good

3 drops doTERRA Copaiba

3 drops doTERRA Wild Orange

2 drops doTERRA Frankincense

2 drops doTERRA Lavender

To order what you need to make this roller simply click here:

Here’s to a relaxing holiday season that allows the best of the spirit to come from your heart and fill your days. If you are looking for something good to read, catch up on our blog!

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