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The Christmas Spirit

When I think of paying it forward I think of those times when I or someone steps in to provide something entirely unexpected. As I was doing some cleaning in my office I found something that reminded me of this type of kindness and how timely it was right here at Christmastime. Personally, I think this sort of thing should happen year round but for some reason when it happens at Christmas there seems to be a little extra something that makes it truly magical.

It happened in Florida where my family and I were having a late dinner in a restaurant walking distance from our hotel. We had been playing hard all day at Legoland sneaking in a little family trip before Christmas Eve. We were exhausted from playing but wanted a hot meal before turning in for the night. We were just hanging out doing what you do enjoying a meal together and talking about our day. Our son telling us his favorite parts and us just being a family together. There was a couple across from us enjoying their dinner but otherwise it was not that busy being just a couple days before Christmas.

As the couple beside us left they said Merry Christmas and left a piece of paper on our table. We figured it was just a church invitation but when we looked we saw it was a receipt showing they had paid for our entire meal and wrote a note to us saying Merry Christmas and God Bless Your Family. This act of kindness still brings tears to my eyes. We didn’t need it but it sure was appreciated and a complete surprise. It was like they were intentionally out looking for a nice family like ours to bless in a kind way. I have saved that receipt to remind me of this gift and it was what I ran across cleaning up some things in the office.

Being kind to one another generates an energy that changes your perspective especially when that kindness is so unexpected. Despite the news, differences in opinions, social media popularity and all else there are some incredibly kind people in this world and their generosity is how we should all be to one another year round! This begs the question of why do we wait for Christmas to be the most generous and charitable? Why do we wait for a special occasion or major event to realize we can do something nice for someone? What holds us from letting that spirit of kindness lead us through every day?

I realized the reason why this comes out more at Christmas in all of us is because we are more open to seeing beyond every day things that bog us down. We let go of obligations and responsibilities a little to realize we are still human and have connection to one another.

Emotions of Generosity and Charitable Giving

Wild Orange is the oil of generosity. This oil along with Spikenard and Rose are also aligned with feelings of charitable giving. When you think about it these 3 are also well known at Christmastime where we are surrounded by their aromas and presence. Oranges are common gifts and very uplifting to receive at Christmas. Roses and Spikenard are aromas of floral and wood we experience in different settings like churches, get-togethers and more this time of year. They are uplifting, calming and make us feel calm, settled, content and happy.

When we feel those things we see beyond our own needs and wants to consider others. We open our hearts and minds to consider what others need and how we can serve them or share what we have. Rose is the oil of divine love and has the highest vibration frequency of any living organism. It is a powerful healing of hearts therefore connecting us to our higher power and life purpose. We can combine these oils to not only feel our emotions come alive for being charitable and generous but also to receive these gifts.

When we feel whole through love, peace and contentment in our own lives we seek to help others do the same in their life. Using these oils helps us experience those feelings and achieve that state of all being ok in this world. We can look past the ugliness and things we disagree with and connect on that basic human level.

I encourage you this holiday season if you are feeling stuck, limited, grumpy or like the world is full of mean, evil people to try these oils. Make this roller ball bottle blend and apply them to your wrists, back of your neck and see what happens.

Christmas Spirit Roller Ball Blend

3 drops doTERRA Spikenard

3 drops doTERRA Rose

5 drops doTERRA Wild Orange

10ml roller ball bottle and fill rest with fractionated coconut oil.

To order the oils for this roller simply click here:

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