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The Emotions of Business

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Posted on September 9, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

I have worked in corporate America for over 30 years now. It is interesting for me to sometimes reflect on all that has happened in this timespan and how much work has played a part of where I am, who I am and what is next for me. During this part of my life, I have experienced some incredible moments that have allowed me to clearly see my career evolve to what it is today. There have been some proud moments like when I was promoted the first time and given a “real” office to being let go. There have been highs and lows when it has come to impactful decisions others have made about my career.

There have also been highs and lows with decisions I have made on my own. Like when I chose to move several states away and begin a new life with my now husband and that move meant leaving a company I loved and had much success at to start a new job somewhere else. At the time I made that move I had not idea that would actually became a pivotal moment in my career.

Collectively though all these moments have become my journey for where I am now and they are not without deep emotions and relationships along the way.

Early in my career there was a hot new buzzword and training at the time centering around this concept of emotional maturity. It was the hottest personal development topic of the day and had numerous books, training and discussions available for everyone to jump on this necessary skill development. It was believed people needed to have less emotion in the workplace in order to promote a clearer vision, greater and deeper level of teamwork and collaboration. We couldn’t make sound busniness decsions if we were thinking with our heart versus our head. The more modern version of this now known as emotional intelligence but the same concept and principles are taught.

I remember a mentor of mine in my early days of being a manager over staff telling me I couldn’t wear my emotions on my sleeve. I had to separate that part of me, the part of my feelings and emotions to make the tough decisions that would be required in my job. As a manager you are taught, even today, that you have to put aside your heart and focus on what is necessary for the success of that company and sometimes your own career. You can’t show emotion and if you’re feeling it you need to bury it deep because it can hur