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The Energy Essence of Fall

As soon as the days start to have less humidity and the nights are cooler allowing windows to be opened after a long steamy summer it’s like a fresh energy sweeps through my house. It is a charge you can feel enter and stretch to every corner vibrating the air as it brings in Fall’s crisp air and fresh color. It is comforting and recharging after those long lazy days of summer fun. The energy of Fall is a busy energy filled with preparing, organizing, revamping, refreshing, and tidying. It challenges us to hurry just a little in anticipation of colder days and nights where we will want to rest.

The crisper air makes us realize things we have not paid attention to as closely but we are ready to see them. It’s almost like you’ve enjoyed a wonderful break from but now you realize you are ready to tackle them with focus and vigor. Now that the pool water is too cool most days for swimming I realize I’m ready to pack up summer linens and bring out warm quilts to our beds, refresh and change out accessories and bring in some bright Fall colors to our table. Where there were once light and easy colors and accents I now crave to fill space with color, abundance and brightness of rich reds, golds and browns.

Even the air smells different this time of year. I crave those heartier aromas of cinnamon, pumpkin and spices commingled with the freshness of outdoors. These are grounding, welcoming, comforting and soothing aromas that wrap around me like one of my heavy quilts. Emotionally it is like a new awareness of awakening has stirred and I am able to carry out tasks that once seemed too overwhelming or time consuming. Now there is focus, intention and it feels right to be doing them.

Bringing Fall Indoors

At this time of year we are flocking to things that smell delightful and warm. We want that home feeling through an aroma that brings out sweet memories and recognition of the time of year. We are visiting farmer’s markets and farms harvesting apples and pumpkins to adorn our home. We are standing in long lines for pumpkin spiced drinks and browsing aisles of the craft stores to make cute accent items. We get stirred emotionally with the thoughts of warm scents that make us feel aligned to this wonderful season. Our nose goes into overdrive searching for that fulfilling warmth.

For years I would patiently wait for the perfect time to open jarred scented candles or display bowls of scented pine cones I purchased. These were lovely accents but as I’ve come to appreciate nature more in my life I realized nature doesn’t quite smell like those products. Sure these things would smell nice but I would notice something missing and not quite right about the experience once the newness wore off or it would be too overwhelming in its scent. These aromas left me wanting the scents of Fall but the real Fall. I wanted to find that fulfillment of aroma deep in my soul. I craved something actually very different than a manufactured pumpkin spiced aroma.

I enjoy having diffusers in the main rooms we are beginning to hang out in more and bring out these scents through pure essential oils. I also like to freshen my home’s air filters when we replace them by spraying each with a warm blend of essential oils that disburse throughout our home as the air conditioner comes on during the warm Fall days.

Here are some fabulous aromas that are 100% natural and definitely aligned to the essence of the season:

Using these aromas through a diffuser or mixing them in a spray bottle to use as an air freshener in a room is invigorating and refreshing. These scents transform the air to bring Fall into your space and help you capture the essence of the season within all your senses. Using real nature in lieu of other products like scented candles or room sprays and even sprayed pine cones brings an emotional recognition to your body that provides that true Fall experience.

You mind and body responds positively, encouraging and moving you in alignment with the season. You feel the fulfillment and warmth that is also energizing and focused. Your body is literally soaking in what it needs from the Earth and it is free to experience all this season offers. You can breathe deeper and take in the benefits and support nature is giving us.

Naturally Moving Forward

Experiencing real Fall through scent is so powerful emotionally and physically. It is an uplifting energizing power while also being comforting and grounding. You can literally feel the Earth through nature feeding your soul. This is an experience you cannot capture in any other form than from what Earth directly provides to us.

This Fall as the energy of the season fills you, reach for nature to support and guide you. You can do this have the benefits from nature with 100% pure essential oils directly from Earth. Click here to get started on your natural health transformation this season by taking a Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire:

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