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The Good Towels

Many of us will have guests coming to stay with us over Thanksgiving. It’s good when those you especially love get to stay with you because there is extra time you can spend with them and quiet moments away from everyone else you can have for yourself. Entertaining at home is a growing trend as more of us look for ways to make the most of our time and do meaningful things together.

We’re no longer interested in just shopping and wearing out our credit cards. Instead we’re looking for those items and moments of quality.

When we have people coming to our house we often find we are pulling out our best for them. In our family it’s a running joke about folding the toilet paper corners like they do in hotels to make it extra fancy for visiting family. I sometimes with I was good at origami to top just the folded corner hotel trick. Instead I do pull out the good towels and other goodies that I try to save for when we are going to have company in order to make them feel comfortable and have what they need while here. Since moving our home to more natural options how I prepare for guests has also changed somewhat. I still pull out the good towels but I add in a few elements that have changed what I see as comfortable and supportive for our house guests. Oh don’t worry there is still a special jar in the guest room that we call the Survival Jar with a set of mini-bottles, chocolate and band-aids because this is after all a family holiday and we may need these things.

Towels and Linens

I use the doTERRA OnGuard Detergent to wash towels and linens. It smells incredible and gets a good clean done against smells and stains. It is also 100% natural with no chemicals! When I do wash I also add in a 1/2 cup Borax and 2 drops doTERRA Purify for the towels to make sure there isn’t that mildew smell lingering.

In the dryer I use wool dryer balls with a couple drops of the doTERRA Lavender oil applied to them. I will occasionally switch it up and use lemon or even something else that appeals to me at the time but for the most part I use this lavender oil. It does an incredible job making laundry smell nice and it lasts.

The result is amazing. Everything is soft, smells good and is ready for use when the visitors arrive.

Guest Room

I have long since turned our guest room into my home office. When guests come I need to modify this room for their use and make it comfortable for them. That takes some doing as I am using this room as a work office and it also has my quilt table in here now. It is definitely my space for creativity of many sorts! I love this room and the inspiration I feel when I’m in here working on something that is creative, challenging and relaxing.

When I work in here I usually run a diffuser filled with aromas that help me focus when I’m working on something tough or that needs my full attention or something light and airy that smells clean and is pleasant. I enjoy aromas that are fresh and keep you noticing them for a long time. I also like to walk in here and have it smell fresh, clean and ready to go when I’m ready to create. I don’t want much just a lovely space to call my own!

So when guests come and I have to convert this space to well a bedroom for them I leave out my diffuser and a set of oils for them to use. I have a printed card with some suggestions and I include several of my own personal favorites in this space. Here’s why this is great for guests:

  • They can personalize the aroma to their liking! Don’t you love when you can make something to suit you! I include a variety of oils like Lavender, Wild Orange, Peppermint, OnGuard and more so they can try it out and find something they personally like. Yes I know you want to come stay with me now so you can play with the diffuser.

  • Essential oils can be wonderful for travel to boost immunity, support emotions and re-energize us. Which who doesn’t need any of that when you are traveling and spending it not in your own bed?This won’t mess with their asthma, allergies or cause a negative reaction like being overpowering, intolerable or something worse! Seriously how do you love going into a space and feeling your nose burn from someone’s overpowering perfume or overuse of Febreeze? Gag!It lets my guests experiment with natural essential oils and try them out without pressure or stress

So my guests can literally decompress in my office/guest room enjoying a pleasant aromatic bliss of Wild Orange and Peppermint that smells like a luxury spa when together and partake in a variety of mini-bottles without the huge mini-bar bill at a hotel. Oh and my towels are nicer than yours Marriott!

Holiday Guests

Even as guests we still need to have a space to get away to ourselves now and then. It’s nice when that space can be personalized to your guests taste and preferences as well. While they may be staying in my lovely home office it by far boasts the best mini-bottle selection and superior options in aromatic relaxation.

When your guests come this year, whether family or friends, personalizing the space they will be in is the best way to make it feel comfortable for them. Sure they will love the fluffy special towels but taking the time to really provide that space they can unwind and relax in is what will make your visit all the more special!

For support in getting ready for your guests please check out my website for more tips in the Member’s Forum. We’re talking about the holidays and how to make them extra special this year while living natural on our terms! Join us!

If you would like to pick up a high quality diffuser that you can count on delivering the best continual mist and unbeatable 100% pure therapuetic oils while saving at least 25% on your purchase – shop here!

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