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The Luxury in Living Naturally Well

The softness of luxury feels like coolness and warmth at the same time against your bare skin. It is an inviting gentleness bringing an elevated awareness to your senses something is different and yet perfectly fitting and customized to you. There is graceful confidence and timeless style in how you move and feel. Small details become focused intense experiences at the touch of your fingers against them. It is erotic and sensual. A captivating aura we remember well and our body, mind and soul respond instantly to when we encounter it again.

When we feel this aura it empowers us to be bold in ways we otherwise would limit ourselves on doing. We bare ourselves in body, mind and soul opening up to the experience drawing us in. There is no judgement. No ridicule or competitiveness. It is the safest of places where no guardedness is necessary. We can be free to explore, experience and savor every moment and element while enjoying an intimacy directly centered on our own needs and desires.

Sounds almost sexual doesn’t it?

Luxury is a bridge where your deepest desires and dreams become obtainable through the journey of becoming your truest self. We reach this bridge by shedding all the layers we mask ourselves with until we are bare. Completely bare. So bare in our being there is absolutely nothing holding our body, mind or spirit from being in that moment, focused, present, and forgetting anything else around us. We know we’ve reached this threshold of the bridge when the first step we take onto it is felt throughout our being. WE actually stop realizing something has changed. Our senses come alive and we feel the gentleness of winds softly brush against our skin leaving a trail of electricity. Our fingers sweep gently across the surface and we feel it all the way into our stomachs. That solidness of where we are now. Our mind loses all sense of time, obligation and place with calm curiosity for what is ahead. We feel our heartbeat in our chest and intake of crisp fresh air going into our lungs as if it is the first breath we’ve taken in a very long time.

We are alive with sensation.

While this feels incredible and we instinctively know it is right for us, we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to feel luxury very often against our own body. Our mind grows numb against the draw to it and our spirit dampens to just get through our day. At times, we think we must have imagined the whole thing and it doesn’t even exist at all. We have carefully packed the idea of luxury away as something taboo. We put rules on how and when it can be used. Only the rich have time for luxury. Only the privileged who don’t have to do what we do every day can show us what it looks like. Seeing them flaunt it makes us feel envious and defensive. We observe rich, powerful, celebrity types of people and think they have it all! They live luxuriously while I toil and scrap for everything! The truth though is we have been fooled by this fake luxury. When this happens we misplace the very essence of what luxury is by giving it a very small and limited label and description.

Luxury isn’t monetary at all. It cannot be purchased but it can be worn. It can be gained freely by anyone. Real luxury, the kind that sets our soul on fire, our mind awakening and our skin pulsing is a sensation, feeling and experience all in one. It is created within us and radiated outwards. It is an aura and energy that can expand and constrict based on our own power to contain it. It is felt rather than seen and yet we can feel it physically as much as we can emotionally.

Luxury is a natural state of being. It is the perfect demonstrated representation of who were were meant to be and what we were meant to do. This is a stark difference in how luxury has been marketed to us. There are no pre-qualifying eligibility determinations for obtaining luxury either. We can choose to open it anytime we want simply by doing it. It occurs when we consciously realize we deserve more and better in our own life and what that represents to us individually is more enriching than physical things. Real natural luxury is so enriching and expanding we never tire of it to search for something else. It is complete and it completes us.

I believe deep down most of us are intimidated by luxury. We have been let down by so many things and people in our life that this idea something could be this wonderful must not be possible. There must be a catch and there is. To have it manifest requires great vulnerability and bravery to let luxury loose so it can flow to us. That is frightening. We have lived so long in this fight or flight state of anxiety and stress focusing on survival that is feels utterly overwhelming to consider this is even possible. So we don’t consider it. We walk away from it and go through our days mind numb and seeking the least painful path thinking this is all life has to offer us.

It is a personal decision to embark on a journey leading to the bridge of luxury. We can only start that journey with faith and hope it exists and our own motivations to take on this challenge of baring ourselves little by little along the way. We know it will be difficult but the more we progress the prospect of seeing with our own eyes this place where mystical and realism blend to the point we cannot differentiate them takes over any other rational thought. Others may call us mad but we no longer hear them. We become brave where we once would have turned back and take that next step closer to becoming ourselves.

All this month on the blog, I am exploring this essence of luxury in what it means to live naturally well. I am opening up the door to touch it and guide us on a tour of what it looks like and how to tap into it. If you’re ready to awaken your life to what is possible and have it actually feel luxurious this is a series you absolutely do not want to miss. Be sure you are subscribed to the blog at

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