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The Magic Health in You

I love when I see a commercial or someone online trying to tell me this pill, shake or workout is the one magic pill I need to lose weight. Just add this scoop of stuff to your morning coffee and you’ll burn fat. Use this workout for just 20 minutes a day and watch it melt! If only, right? Yet the truth is we do want the easier path to making this weight go away. We want something that works that doesn’t leave us hungry or hangry and that is easy. Look seriously just want to lose some weight and go about my life without any disruption you get me?

Here’s the honest truth as straight up as I can make it, the magic isn’t in the shake, pill or whatever it is in you. It is in your very mind and cells right now. Those things being sold to you are tools not magic potions. Together they may work well to get you to that goal but first you have to open the magic that you have already. By this I mean you have to get real with yourself about what you’re needing and wanting and get clear on how you’re going to accomplish it while also having grace and forgiveness when you can’t meet those expectations. You have to commit to it, make it a priority and do more than just hope something else does it for you. Whew! That’s strong momma pep talk right? Trust me some days I need that myself too.

We all have it within us to accomplish any goal we set for ourselves. Any thing! The trick and magic to it all is setting the mindset to make it happen. I’m talking positive affirmations, clear heart alignment, the whole thing PLUS the simple mindset that we deserve it. Too often we feel like we cannot do something because we’re fat, poor, out of shape, not worthy and so much more that has taken away the power of our own magic. We have let that sink so much into our daily life that now we look at ourselves in even more frustration that our body doesn’t even look good to us!

I believe firmly in the empowerment as naturally as I can as best I can every day. Sometimes I don’t do that very well because I need to work late and miss a workout or I’m in a bad mood because work sucks that day. It happens. However one day, one week, one month is not a life sentence for being stuck where I am in this moment. It is when we choose to not give up on ourselves and just accept being a victim waiting to be saved by a pill, shake, better job, more loving spouse, honest friends or whatever that we realize we have so much control in our own destiny.

Health, including losing weight, is all possible within our own being. We can leverage tools to help but the power of that possibility already exists. Just let go of the bs being fed about why you can’t and shouldn’t. Stop letting the conditions of your circumstance define where you begin and end your day. Progress can be a baby step and still be progress. Get deeply excited about the journey step by step and let it become your motivation and determination on the days when life is trying to beat you down.

The other week at work, on a Monday, a member of my team said, “Oh you know its another day in the salt mine.” Yes it is but the difference I told him was I was going to see how far I could go this week with seeing the good in it. For one that particular Monday I had a break in meetings to have lunch, as in a healthy lunch I could eat somewhere other than my desk. Secondly, I was bringing my positive energy to make it a good day. Now the truth is I worked late that night because a meeting went long and it left me frustrated. I however chose to leave it at work and while I missed my workout that day I spent time hugging my family and enjoying dinner with them. I found the good. It filled me where it could have left me drained and craving mindless social media scrolling and Netflix binging. I chose different.

We sometimes cannot change our circumstances but we can change how we respond to it right? So why not surround ourselves with as much positive