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The Natural Journey

I used to see life as just something I survived. In some ways that is still true but not in the same way it once meant. The hardships of life change for each of us but there are always some to content and keep us on our toes. Life to me is not the romantic journey we hear about in songs and stories but rather the experiences. The every day sensations and encounters that enrich, awaken and speak to us in a way that we connect on. It is having as much of that in our daily life as we can because it keeps us in this awakened state to experience all that life has to offer regularly.

The natural journey in life is to experience it. I think we miss a lot of this because we get wrapped up in work, family needs, chores and just stuff. We also lose it in our physical and mental health due to the stress and numbness we have from things around, in and on us. When things just become things we tend to forget how we used to feel when we put them on, used them, were around them and filled us. When our life is so full of chaos and noise we become less attuned to hearing what our heart is telling us. Most of us walk about in this numb, stressed out, overwhelmed state that we are not able to experience the natural journey.

To those that say essential oils are hocus pocus, this experience of the natural journey proves them wrong. Essential oils are about retraining our senses to be aware of and experience nature again. It is about rebuilding our ability to feel, smell, taste, see and be aligned with things that feed our body and soul. If we had man made products that did that well we truly wouldn’t need nature but we don’t and never will. The sensation of standing in picture perfect landscape of nature from a mountain or beach cannot be replicated by something man makes. The same is true of the products we use and foods we eat.

Disconnecting from the chemicals, toxins and preservatives in our daily life is where essential oils work to bring us back t our natural state. It is not just some pretty smell but rather a deep cellular level transformation of rebuilding us from the inside out. That process takes some time because many of us have never truly known our natural state of health or even know what that could feel like. We have to do the work of reducing our exposure to man made things that are blocking those elements in us and then give our body time to rebuild and heal from them. Gradually we start to realize we feel better, get sick less often, have more energy, are in a better mood, sleep better and more.

Realizing what we don’t need in our life is freeing. I remember having a cabinet full of cleaners that now is empty space containing only a couple things. It changed how I cleaned because I realized the chemicals weren’t helping me rebuild my health. Nature kills germs, bacteria, cleans grease, scum and dirt too and quite well for a lot less money. It does it without the ingredients that require gloves and an emergency hotline if there is interactions, exposure, inhalation, ingestion and contact. It brings back the nature in my home so we can all heal and rebuild our health without new risks and exposure.

A natural journey is when we actively work to make it possible for us to enjoy our life. We make strides in changing our habits, products, routines, situations and circumstances to live our best life every day. It is more than what money can buy or what we do for a living that creates that opportunity. It is about our own outlook and mindset that we can create better in big and small ways right now. We choose what we allow in our lives and we fill it with things that align with our natural happiness and fulfillment rather than what trends and society say is normal.

The process of a natural journey is an awakening to what is truly right for each of us and honoring that in us. We consume less because we realize what we really need and when we do consume it is natural, good for us things. We waste and pollute less because we are using natural products that produce less of those problems. We emerge happier, more energetic, lighter feeling too because we’re not letting the burdens of surviving life dictate our path anymore. There will always be challenges but we are training and preparing them by living well now and taking care of ourselves.

To begin your natural journey check out my website at or follow me on social media (dragonspitapothecary on Facebook and Instagram)

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