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The Nature of Security in Our Lives

I try to keep perspective when it feels like something is threatening our lifestyle. Like the moments my heart skips a beat as the boss mentions there’s going to be a layoff coming. It is hard not to let that comment linger for what it could mean for my family. What if this time I’m on that list? Security seems so fragile at times as it is being bumped against with the harsh realities of what it means to work in corporate America. There is this dependency we have on things like corporations, bad bosses and trying to fit in with others as a functioning work team that make me wonder if there isn’t another way to protect the nature of my family’s security.

The security in our lives still stems from the basic needs of shelter, food and warmth. These natural precious elements may not be things we think about every day but many do in our world. I think of them most in my own life when there are threats against my employment, I hear of shutdowns and economic down turns and things that directly impact how my family lives. I have this flutter in my heart that is dread because while I’m always attuned to it now it feels like I need to tighten up things and perhaps rethink what I was planning to safeguard. It is like our whole livelihoods are tied to these external forces we don’t control but that definitely control us and what we can and cannot achieve, how we live and what decisions we make.

As I see it the core issue in this situation is our dependence created on others for income through jobs. A paycheck is where all other things start for most of us. It is what puts food on our tables and pays for the rent or mortgage. That money makes the lifeline to surviving in our world. I am not saying jobs are bad and neither is the necessity of money but rather it is when a job and single paycheck become our only lifeline of how we take care of ourselves I think we introduce too much risk. That situation also over time makes us feel like we don’t have a choice. Everything else besides getting a job is described to us as too risky or not worth our time so we give up hope of anything more.

See, I believe when we reclaim our own nature. as in to live more naturally we begin to manifest security in our lives. That worry of what if something happens to threaten our fragile sense of security lessens because the safeguards we have are not as dependent on others. I won’t say it completely goes away because I don’t think anything is completely guaranteed in life but is certainly reduces. Our own natural power to take care of ourselves is restored where we see the purpose of our jobs in our lives but we also see what else we need to be doing that leads to ensuring we don’t find ourselves in that jeopardy.

The way to implement this is to first realize how toxic our lives have become. We are constantly influenced in our purchasing decisions, money making means and lifestyle choices that even when we think we are making our own decision often we are not. We are simply following trends and what’s popular or what someone else tells us is good, works or is worthwhile. The result is being surrounded by things that don’t work for us, they don’t feel good and we are buried under debt from them. For me it started with assessing the products I bought and what I was spending on them. I looked at ingredients and cost to understand where I could make improvements for my family.

Removing the toxic and bringing in things that do fit us, the real us is only step one though. From there we must open our hearts to our own dreams and hopes. Those long ago things we packed away as impractical and impossible need to be opened again in our life. When we feel empowered in our own life we can be brave about dreaming again. What was once seemingly impossible can be seen differently. Maybe it is possible to live happily ever after with our dreams coming true.

Natural security in our life can be restored when we feel in control of our own destiny. When things come to threaten that like a potential layoff we know we will be alright. We see the dependence on our jobs as something respectfully important but not all there is that we have to rely on. We have built our own security that is life storm resilient. It contains our own diverse methods for reducing the dependency so that when something happens the impact is less severe, less devastating and less worrisome. For me that meant establishing a small business that helps others live more naturally. Teaching others to do what I do so they could help their own family and friends.

I believe when we awaken the power of what it means to build our own natural security with a reduced dependency on others, we create empowered families and communities. We strengthen ourselves and others so we are all living better, happier and securely. I also believe it is the only to truly realize how much of our dreams we can bring forth into reality for ourselves. The things we teach our children about doing what they love becomes possible for us too. It is no longer a matter of what happens in the world that could harm us but becomes what we can do to make it better.

If you are interested in exploring if this is a fit for you, please visit my website at There you can use the chat feature to contact me directly too!

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