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The Next Act of Freedom

When you decide to start your own business a couple funny things happen. It’s like this one single decision all of a sudden shifts your world and a new landscape is scooted in from across the stage while the curtain is coming down for an intermission. We see new lights being positioned and feel a new costume coming on us in a flurry of activities for the next act. It feels exciting and fresh and you can’t wait until the curtain lifts again so you can show everyone.

The curtain goes up and with a big smile on your face you’re about to say your first line only to realize the house is empty. Not a single seat is filled.

Does the show still go on?

While I felt like I had rehearsed what to say and was prepared for anything I didn’t plan on no one being in attendance. I didn’t plan on no one not showing up when they said they would. I hadn’t thought about what I would feel like sitting among the scripts, props and costume I’d put on to give them a perfect experience and they weren’t there to see it. There is nothing more harsh in business than a no-show or lead that isn’t really leading anywhere near a sale.

It seems so easy.

It was the perfect situation.

Have a great product and service.

Let people know about it and they will buy it. .


Despite the simplicity though many of us struggle with growing a thriving business that has a nice flow of customers, fresh leads and sales. We follow all the advice about consistency, brand positioning, online content management and more and yet the return on those activities is not stellar. We get that desperate feeling in our belly. We feel the need to do something quickly so we can turn it around, get some momentum and boost the bottom line. We invest in training, books, seek mentors and shamans. Sometimes we wonder what we just spent our money on because the results are still not shifting.

Maybe we’re just not good at it?

Through these same experiences in my own business I can tell you there is no single solution. It can however be simple. Here’s my tips for keeping it simple and right for you in your business:

  • Stop listening to everyone. It’s ok to hear what they have to say but before you go off the deep end following it you need to think through what is applicable to you. The blessing and curse of your own business is figuring out what is right for your business

  • Understand the seasons. Every business has seasons it will go through where sales are down, no one shows and you think it’s falling apart. That may or may not be the case. Before you give up look at what you are doing and if your business is going through a slow season to know if you have a problem and how severe it is

  • Make it evergreen. When you are just starting out the more you can create to reuse over and over again will save you time, money and energy later. Record training videos and how-to information, build your resources of content and refine them until perfect. When someone does see it they will be impressed with your knowledge and resources to help them

  • Stick to your budget. When we feel the desperate feelings of it going wrong it’s easy to spend and over spend to fix the problem. However, sometimes that’s not going to help and we’re compounding the problem. Set your business budget and make informed decisions on how to use that money even when things seem on the downward slide.

  • Do it anyway. When no one shows up, go through your script anyway. Talk to the empty room just like it was a packed house. The time spent in empty rooms will help you be prepared, rehearsed and ready for when the house isn’t empty. Use this as a time refine your pitch, perfect your delivery and ways you can improve your message. Record these sessions for online use too

I have lost counts at the times I’ve been stood up in my business. It is one of the most hurtful feelings but it’s also a blessing. See I’m not interested in one time sales or those not truly interested in exploring what it means to live naturally. Sometimes it’s very hard to see past this month where a sale would desperately help but that’s not end game. The end game is long term relationships with clients so enthralled with the process of learning and applying natural living to their life they keep coming back. They bring others with them. That’s the client I want. I’m willing to wait for them and keep singing to an empty house because one day I’m going to be doing just that and they will walk in. They will hear my message and see that they have just found exactly what they were looking for.

The next act of freedom is going for it even when no one shows up for you. It is persisting when you feel desperate or like giving up. The next act is up to you to design and take the bold step forward into the spotlight to give it your best every time you go out there. Sing every chance you get and let the passion of your business fuel you to the point you no longer can tell if the house is full or empty, it’s your show and you know it’s perfect. Those that come will see it too.

The next act of freedom is about you pursuing your dream to be independent. The next act is centered on you living your best life even if no one else understands it. Perhaps it’s not for them and that’s alright because it is your dream and your journey.

Find out how to start your next act of freedom with my New Leader Assessment.

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