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The No Money Objection

Posted on September 16, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

As consumers we love finding a deal that makes us think we are saving money. This makes us feel better about our purchase and that we’re making the right choice. It could be we found a fabulous outfit we really wanted that was a little out of our price range but is now on sale. It could be catching a deal for our groceries or even something major like a new car. We feel savvy when we are able to get what we want and save a little as a bonus. I have to wonder if we would still love what we bought as much if we had not caught a sale or deal that made it sweeter? It’s like we have have gone on some mission and come out victors with a couple extra dollars we didn’t need to spend.

It is so tempting to hit the on sale button some days on my website for my books and courses. A quick hit of the button to give a bump against the slight downward trend I notice. Hitting that button can only lead to good things right? I’m giving my customers a wonderful feeling that they are getting a fabulous deal on something they want and saving them a couple bucks so what could be wrong with that? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saving a few dollars, except when that discount is costing your business to run in the red. It’s great to have a sale or promotion as long as it’s for the right reasons to get you the right results. I have since learned to use that discount button cautiously and with intention.

Product Prices & Their Money

For some reason a common response to asking if someone is ready to purchase is that they don’t have the money right now or they have to wait until pay day. It is just the right thing they think to say that will get them out of the conversation they are having with you about buying your products. It can be a showstopper and deal breaker. The truth is it is not your prices or their lack of money.

When someone tells you they love it but don’t have the money for it right now that’s not what’s really going on in 80% of the situations. Absolutely there are times when a purchase needs to wait for budgetary reasons but how many times have you heard this statement and then never heard from that person again? This statement is telling you something much more real than what’s in their wallet. It has nothing to do with your price or what’s in their wallet. The bottom line is if it is something really needed or wanted a person will find a way to get that item. They will use cash, a credit card or ask for financing. They will find a way to get that item. When this objection occurs here’s the possible causes:

  • They don’t feel you understood their needs or problem.

  • They don’t feel they have enough information