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The Nooks and Crannies

I’ve never been a rock star in the kitchen. Most of my cooking is edible but not something to make me famous. Some of my exploits in the kitchen have turned a normal ” What did you make? ” into something of a comedy at our house.

Like the time I made homemade, from scratch English muffins. Yep, this was straight from the Julia Child’s recipe.

While I dislike English muffins, my husband and his family love them and I thought during one of their annual trips to see us I’d make up a batch of these versus buying a package of the nooks and crannies version.

It was kitchen insanity at its best. Instead of grace, a cute British accent, cleverly used rolling pin and handsome apron it was chaos, swear words and flying flour.

Personally, I think an English muffin is a piece bread with an identity crisis.
  1. Is it a muffin, a pita or just an ill formed piece of toast?

  2. Do the English even eat these types of “muffins?”

  3. If so, do they not realize the glory and beauty of a huge fluffy blueberry muffin warm from the oven with melting butter spread in the center? What do they call a real muffin?

  4. Why would I want nooks and crannies in my bread?

  5. Is it even technically a muffin?


Here’s the recipe I used if you’d like to try them

I made a lot of them and froze them for use during the time people would be at our home. To warm, I put them in a warm pan on the stove top and toasted them until lightly brown.

This has only been done once in my kitchen. I now buy the nooks and crannies package and save the kitchen from needing it’s nooks and crannies cleaned.

What complicated things have you attempted and never made again in the kitchen?

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