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The Roads We Travel

The roads we choose to travel in life become not only part of our story but a compilation of who we are as a person. These roads shape and influence us, teach us the hard lessons and even give a view every now and then of that ultimate destination. Sometimes these roads go on forever in what seems like a drought flat land that doesn’t prosper and other times it’s like cutting our own path through heavy brush. The best roads though are the ones we choose entirely on our own because they interest us.

When I moved to South Carolina from Kentucky to be with my now husband, I was filled with excitement. It felt right to make this move. Yet I had friends who thought I was crazy, others who were worried for me and some who shared in my excitement. I heard them all but my heart and mind were already packed and headed there. It wasn’t a light decision to make in moving several states away from all and who I knew but I did it anyway. Those roads that require us to change everything in our life have of course the most risk but also the greatest potential for rewards too. This was going to be a good road, I just felt it. Many years later I still think it was the best move I’ve ever made in my life.

We don’t always know though do we? There are plenty of opportunities we pursue that don’t pan out or the road is a dead end. It happens. There can also be pain, loss, risk and more on some of these roads that we can’t always predict. Yet when we first start out we feel ready for anything and are open to the possibilities ahead and what it could mean in our life. I have found when I am in this mindset even the toughest roads become a little less stressful and I can continue to make those baby steps forward or remap my route. That open curiosity and willingness to be an explorer in our own life is what provides those opportunities for us to learn, enrich our lives and make memories.

I have learned to find the natural road for me is when I’m truly tuned into my own heart and mind. Letting go of those outside influences that tell me I should or should not quiets the noise so I can see it for myself. I have also come to realize that regardless of the road I choose and outcome it brings me to, I at the very least learn something while on it. The truly wrong turns can be fixed with our own determination and effort to continue trying. That part has been hardest for me to learn and accept but when I also lose sight of the want it now effect that too becomes a little easier to navigate these tougher situations.

There are a lot of roads people will encourage us to go down because they think it is right for us. Beware of those. No one, absolutely no one knows you better than you. Sometimes well intended people mean well but we must always strive to be true to ourselves in the end. There are also people who are less than well intended who are looking for that opportunity to take advantage of us in a situation and sadly we have to watch out for that too.

Our life seen as a series of roads and paths we take gives us a storyline we can reflect on. It also shows us where we too have much still to learn. I admit the older I get and the more in tune I am to myself the less I care about paved roads. The quiet paths through nature speak to me instead. Those roads where I can hear nature speak over that of others always tells me I’m going in the right direction. It is where we learn the most too I believe because we are free to explore, touch, taste, feel and see with our own senses all that life can be.

Maybe this is why I use so many essential oils in my day. That touch point of nature in my ordinary tasks that remind me even when I’m doing something mundane I’m still on a road of my choosing. If I’m not then it also brings to my awareness I can change that too. That awareness that we are always moving towards something else and sometimes progress is slower than we like is what these oils give to me. Every action and decision we make lead us down a road where we will experience something new. I personally would rather that me something of my choosing that is perfect for me.

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