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The Spirit of Starting Something New

I saw a post on social media the other day talking about what a bad experience this person had selling products. Her post described how it ended up she spent more than she earned and it didn’t result in something positive for her. There are a lot of stories just like that. Someone takes up the invitation to start a business by selling products and it doesn’t end well. It is a common theme that has often resulted in direct sales getting a bad rap. The spirit of starting new quickly squashed by lack of sales and depleting motivation to see it further.

There has been nothing more challenging yet inspiring for me when it comes to work than starting my own business. No, I have not reached millionaire status or even been able to quit my corporate career at this point and still I see the potential for so many things in my life. The most significant being this adventure has given me something my career never could in terms of instilling in me the belief in myself and ability to pursue dreams. They say if you really want to grow in life start something on your own and that has come to be the biggest riches I could ever gain through my own business.

I realize a lot of people have given up on selling products and quite honestly it isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of challenges, decisions, freedoms and more that most of us may not be prepared for. We hear it is so easy to share and sell some products and poof money comes rolling in. Yet when sales are low, classes and parties hard to book and you’re not rolling in money we start to lose faith this is going to work. We give up because it’s more work than we expected or even not what we heard it could be. I believe the number one reason for this is most of us are trained to be employees rather than entrepreneurs. Oh we definitely talk about independence and entrepreneurial spirit but when it comes down to it most of us don’t know what that really means or involves.

The place where limitations are released comes our inspiration and creativity. This is the source we must tap into to be in business for ourselves selling products, our handmade items and any business we dream of. It takes our own willingness to release what we are told is possible and believe is the only way something can be done to manifest the spirit of trying something new. That definitely applies to selling products. When we find that thing we pour our entire being into and we don’t give up on our dreams that’s where success is also found. If we are only in it for the money, that may come too but we will miss the bigger rewards of this journey.

When someone asks me why I work as hard as I do I smile. Not because it is easy or something I look forward to doing. Seriously, who wants to work full time 45-60 hours a week and get up at 5AM to write blogs and run a small business? There are plenty of things I’d rather do in my time but I do it because that small business I’m creating by selling essential oils and sharing what I’m learning with others is the outlet of being my truest self in work. It is where I have never been more free to be me in work in all of my working days. It is where I can truly put to test all the things my bosses, jobs and more have held me back on my entire career. There is no glass ceiling in my business.

No one goes into business with this idea they will lose money. We all want to see a positive return on our monetary and effort investments. This is why most of us start this adventure. Yet it is when we don’t put in the real effort of seeing it through, going beyond those initial sales to where the real work begins that most people give up and say it’s not worth it. The first sales of selling to your friends and family is where you begin to learn, get some easy wins and build some confidence. From there the work begins of what is next? Where do you want to take it, how will you form your identity and business plan to create what you want this to be? That is not a rank or label from the product company, it is about your spirit and being that this is really all about.

There is an excitement to starting something new that taps into this area of our creativity and makes us feel inspired. It is our action of what we do with that energy that brings out our natural self in a unique way. When we align that version of our best self and work to chisel out that identity that’s where we find success in building our own business, even a business that sells products. Most people see that as too much work and go back to their jobs. They know there is something better out there but couldn’t figure out how to get this to happen so they say selling products left them broke, is a poor decision and not worth doing. Yet that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If you have tried it before or are brand new and curious, let’s talk. There is a better way and I’m willing to show you how. Let your spirit free to try something new. Message me at

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