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The Success Hour

5AM, while the world is still dark outside and probably chilly or even cold is known as the success hour. This is the time where if you want to drastically change the course of your life you need to get up and make it happen. If you want to lose weight, get fit, advance in your career, talk to God, read, meditate, self develop or solve major world problems you do it at this time. Since life gives us so little of a break in our typical days to focus on our own needs, advance our own interests or change our life path this hour is available. It is seen as the proverbial fork in the road of what you decide to do about your dreams and goals and how serious you are about them.

The rationale of using 5AM for our goals, any goals from health, development, spirituality and financial, means the only way progress won’t happen on them is if we choose to not get up that morning. It is definitely hard core at directly punching the bs out of any excuse we can think of saying in response. I mean seriously what could you say other than you weren’t seriously wanting to achieve your goal? No pressure friend!

Is it natural though? I believe in a large way this trend of getting up at 5AM is a condition of our circumstances and means to an end where once we do get the progress and momentum from this action the other parts of our life can become more possible to change too. What we do with this time is what makes the difference for most of us because it is the most creative hour most of us have in our day with complete freedom. This makes 5AM not only the infamous success hour but supporting a means to achieve natural living changes in our life. The trick is figuring out how to do that naturally.

WIth so many of us not getting enough sleep the thought of rising and being in action by 5AM seems like just one more stress point. We are already tired, putting in tons of hours at work, balancing the family’s need, all while running on caffeine and junk food to keep up as it is! Taking away more of our sleep to fit in that workout at the ungodly hours of 4-5AM well that seems like madness! Let’s see it is dark at that time, usually chilly or even cold at that hour. Add on the fact most of us are out of shape and don’t move with a burst of energy jumping out of bed as it is and this seems like a good formula for meaning we’re not going to have the greatest workout experience either. If we can even keep it up pass the first week. That doesn’t sound natural at all to take on this invitation to create, workout and do anything of value at 5AM.

The truth getting up at 5AM is a way to break the limitations that have been placed on us that we can’t figure out any other way to get rid of and control. It is natural living in the respect we can actually do something good for ourselves or even start to build changes in our life that can lead to reducing the stress we live with, having more time with the family and getting rid of the guilt for not keeping up with our lives! It is a pivotal moment where we decide what really matters and how we’re going to create the life we really want one 5AM morning after the next until we get there. Then we find ourselves in a place where we no longer have to live by the conditions that were holding us back before.

Here’s what I mean. For the past 3 years I have gotten up at 5 or 6 AM, sometimes earlier, to write this blog. Now some mornings I don’t write. I do sleep in sometimes too. Sometimes I use this time to pay the bills, scroll through social media, develop a new class and write ideas. It has been the only way I could have produced the posts I do 5 days a week for over 3 years because right after this I start my day job career. Then I have a family to take care or customers to call or classes to teach. I have a life!

When I started including working out with a personal trainer last year I have tried very hard to fit it in my evenings. For the most part I have been relatively consistent with doing that. However, the nights I miss because work sucked or I had to work late or something the family needed prevented me from getting to it or I just didn’t want to, I felt guilty. Not guilty enough to use my 5AM hour to workout mind you but I’m starting to truly appreciate the people who exercise at this hour. I get it. They have chosen their health as their number one priority and this is how they work on that goal. I have truly considered how I can split my 5AM between working out and writing as a result.

If it truly matters to you, is causing you pain, frustration and anger even you will disrupt your life to fix and change it. You will find a way. The 5AM success hour got its name because of someone’s determination to change what was going on in their life. That action even though difficult can lead us to a way of finding approaches for living more naturally on our own terms the rest of the 23 hours we get that day and every day after that. It carves out the element of time we get to choose to use it for against everything else pulling at us. It can be that place we manifest towards a beautiful transformations that allow us to emerge the person we really want to be inside and out.

So how do you actually get up and make the most of this hour? How do you leverage it to create natural living in your day when it seems such an unnatural hour for anything besides sleep? It starts with getting deep about what you really want in your life and you make a plan for how to do it. You put in place the support you need to execute that plan and you do it. You also have grace on the days it is tougher than others. While an enduring challenge most of us see as impossible we commit to giving it our best knowing it will lead us to that goal we desperately want to achieve. We are intently focused on it and know it is possible because it is exactly right for us.

While 5AM may not be a natural hour for what I’m describing it is the doorway to making those natural living goals a reality. From losing weight, improving our health, building a business of our own, pursuing freedom and more it may very well be the best means available. It also squarely puts us in the driver seat of making that happen with realization progress truly is up to us.

How will use this the next 5AM success hour to live more naturally?

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