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The Wisdom of Living Naturally Well

Wisdom is a funny thing. There is no single book filled with everything wise that has ever been determined to be of that significance. In reality too, owls just hoot at you but we see them as eternally wise in our storybooks. Wisdom is also associated with age as if you can only be wise if you have gone through many, many things in your life and lived to tell about it which comes with years of experience and aging. As if you become distinguished with graying hair that represents you have something of value to share with others. It is a curious thing what we call wisdom.

I see wisdom as part mystical legend and part real stuff happened with incredible heroic endings. Heroic in terms of sometimes the hardest lessons in life leave us with incredible stories to tell, scars to show and wisdom to share. Real wisdom feels like a coveted thing that makes you want to sit down for hours soaking up every word someone important is telling you. It is secretly passed down generationally as someone is deemed ready. I know realistically that’s not how all wisdom is created but there is something special to it nonetheless that captures our attention and sticks with us for a lifetime. We can pull it out in times of strife and challenge to be the lamp we need in just the right time to lead us out of the storm.

There is a distinction between wisdom and when we are being snowed with bs that is self-serving. Wisdom is coveted and valuable while also being something you earn in your own living. There is a specialness to it of genuineness and integrity. Sooner or later we figure out what the differences are and sadly it makes us skeptical going forward when we do find out we’ve been snookered. That experience too becomes part of our own wisdom though so we can know better next time that not all wisdom is wise.

My personal journey of learning to live more naturally has discovered there is an abundance of wisdom that is solid and wise. There is a beauty and appeal to natural wisdom that adds to the mystic and practicality of using it in my own life. It feels right and like I’ve landed in a beautiful landscaped garden that is full of wonder and interest. There are things I like and other things I find helpful. It smells good and I feel like I’ve unwound from a heavy layered coat and can play in the warm sun surrounded by pretty flowers and nature itself.

I get that it sounds flowery and mystical perhaps even unrealistic for how this applies to real life that can be harsh. The truth is this feeling and having this natural wisdom to rely on has made reality less stressful, more balanced and even happier. It is true wisdom that I can pull out when things get challenging and find a way forward to make things better while protecting myself. I have often referred to it as an umbrella during days when it looks like rain. When you can pull out wisdom and have it apply in a situation to help you is when you know you have a nugget of truth and value.

I think we are looking for wisdom quite often in our life. While I am realistic in knowing not all answers can come from one single source, there is much to learn and apply when it comes from nature. It is quite robust in information and guidance to help us much more than we would at first believe possible. It takes really moving away from your skepticism and what others would tell you too so you can hear nature speak. When I did this I quickly appreciated the loving and nurturing element to natural wisdom that often gets overlooked in our rush for immediate satisfaction.

The one key thing about wisdom, the real wisdom that is worth listening too, it is a learning process that never ends. There is always a way to take the information and personally make it impactful to your own situation and life. There is empowerment in that knowledge. Whenever we can take something and make it our own it becomes power we can use. It makes us stronger, more efficient and even wiser. Natural wisdom provides that information we can turn into our own personal empowerment for living our best life every day.

I invite you to subscribe to the blog this month and join me on the journey through the garden of natural wisdom. Each day this month we will explore, learn and open the doors of this beautiful mystical place and how we can take this information to make it our own. I am sharing my own wisdom obtained from living more naturally to help guide you in making your own path. It is a beautiful transforming process that will leave you feeling your own radiant power coming through to see life differently.

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