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The Year to Come

Remember the Jetsons cartoon? The 1960’s cartoon about a space aged family driving around in their floating car while at home a robot maid took care of their needs? 2020 seemed so far away that it was entirely possible to see we could possibly be that technologically advanced by this time. Yet at last check my car still rolls on 4 tires along concrete even though it contains more buttons and gadgets than many computers.

When I think about all the technology and conveniences in our life as compared to the 1960s we are very advanced. Our cars are rolling computers even if they don’t float on air, we hold computers in our hands every day and call them phones. We even literally have smart homes that control lights, temperature and security when we are not home. We know who is knocking on our door before we answer it and we have appliances that talk. In a way we are a lot like the Jetsons concept. The funny thing is the latest trend and interest of most people is how to live more simply, align more with nature and enjoyment of simpler things of times past. Hello farmhouse decor! We are craving that deep connection to what is the core of our being and that is being aligned to how we were created and in tune with nature around us.

As I dug into what it meant to live as a modern day Jetson and have these feelings for nature and simplicity in day-to-day living that I realized this is one of the reasons we feel so lonely and disconnected to one another. We are caught up in pressing screen buttons and connecting online that we have forgotten how to connect in reality. We have anxiety about meeting new people and feel awkward in crowds and yet we can communicate through group texts and Facebook groups with ease. We say we feel without true friendships but we don’t take opportunities to connect with real people in real settings to forge those relationships. We are bound by technology in a way that makes life easy and comfortable but in a large way it actually makes it too comfortable to check out from one another and nature.

All next year I’m dedicating this blog to the theme of connection and alignment. I am reclaiming our life purpose to have relationships with ourselves, other real people like us and with our planet and nature. I am focusing deep into our need for these connections and why they not only support our mental well-being but our physical and spirit needs as well. For instance did you know that kissing is naturally detoxifying for your body and it triggers those feel good feelings of love, inclusion and connection? Simply kissing your loved ones. But how often do we go through these motions and not let those internal triggers and benefits take us over? How many missed opportunities have we had because we quickly kissed them and then returned to what we were doing on our phones? It’s time to use technology and convenience for good in our lives. It’s time to put convenience in its place and align it to what is truly being desired, craved and dreamed of in our day-to-day life. Real life that is simple, wholesome, good and uplifting. The kind of good stuff that makes you smile for no reason and get all tingly. Yes, all next year we’re going to look for ways to tingle because it feels incredible.

When I think of 2020 and what it means to live in this time I am excited. We can use the technological convenience and still live as we were meant to with natural simplicity. No other time has come like this where we can truly live naturally on our terms and be fulfilled so deeply in our souls in all that we do from work, to family to just living. We’re going to capture that this coming year in the words and videos of this blog so together we can experience it together. Yes I said video as part of the blogs will soon contain audio and video segments to further provide you connection with me.

As you enjoy these year end holidays, I invite you to take in the times that are most precious to you. Apply some doTERRA Passion oil on your neck and wrists and seize the passion in your life. Savor it and take it all in. Kiss your loved ones intently and appreciate that real life connection with them – even when they are driving you crazy. Hold firm to the relationships in your life that are beautiful and recognize those that need to change. Walk with me into 2020 with excitement of anticipation for the ability to foster change that brings us back to what we need in our life and still enjoy the technological advances and robotics modern life can provide for us. It is after all the year 2020 and all is possible right? Let’s make it possible in your life.

Please know this will be the last post I make for 2019 as I enjoy some time with my family and friends this holiday season. I wish you much love and grace in this time and look forward to our journey into 2020.

Happy Holidays


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