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Those Times We Just Know

I like to think of my intuition as part wisdom from life experiences and part playing it safe. It has indeed saved me at times in my life I was about to make a crazy decision that wasn't perhaps the right choice. It has also stopped me from pursuing things that maybe were worth chasing. There really wasn't a way to know at the time other than my own instinct. Call it trusting your gut or a guardian angel but I think there's more to intuition that we may have considered before.

There are times in life we just know when something is good and we go for it with gusto. We don't have to think about it or ask for help, we just know it is right for us, right now. I don't know how to describe that intuition other than a sensation of excitement and feelings that you have found a rainbow that very likely has gold at the end of it. You just know this is it. You feel it in your bones everything is clicking in place. You're onto to something big and wonderful. Luck has struck and you're ready for it. It's finding the love of your life when you look into their eyes and make that deep connection for the first time. Your heart literally bursts with joy and fullness. You just know.

What happens though when we don't immediately know? What happens when those same sensations of feeling our blood pump, our hands shake, our mind go crazy with thoughts of what is possible and yet we don't go for it? Those same feelings telling us to go for it one time all of a sudden tell us to stop in our tracks! How do we know the difference and that it is the right decision? How many times have you wished you'd taken that chance and missed out on something truly wonderful because you were unsure at the time? I like to believe that everything meant for us comes to our life in the right time but what if we have that happen and we don't believe it?

Intuition is this strange subconscious being inside all of us intended to keep us safe and provide guidance to us. I have questioned at times if my intuition was off or even working given some of the situations I've found myself in but nonetheless I knew it was still there. We always have the choice to ignore it right? The truth is intuition is a fancy word for fear. Sometimes fear is good it keeps us safe, prevents us from making questionable decisions and avoiding situations that don't help us. However, when our intuition overrides our openness to try new things, meet new people, take a risk and chance it could actually be holding us back.

It is without question I have found myself risk intolerant because I had failed at something in the past, was hurt by something, taken advantage of, cheated on, stolen from, lied to and more. It is very difficult not to listen to my gut when I see signs anything even has the potential to end up with those not so great results yet I cannot live always being closed off. I have had to learn to sanity check my fear and figure out when it is ok to take a chance, when it is time I step up and this time may be different. I have to prove to myself it is the right time for me this time. There is a time and place to let fear guide us and not repeat mistakes or situations that hurt us but there is also a time and place to not let it stop you and instead head straight in. Knowing the difference is what I've come to think of as strength training for our intuition.

I remember reading an article about Pope John II and he said there is absolutely nothing in this life to be afraid of. That quote has stuck with me even though I still find myself afraid with my intuition flashing red danger signs all over my mind. Who wants to end up hurt or on the losing end of something? Obviously no one but what if that doesn't happen... this time? What if we actually know better, are stronger, wiser, more capable, have help or any other number of factors that change the odds? While I may not know a hundred percent it will work out, shouldn't I at least take the chance?

Those times we just know something is right, clicks, falls in place, is the one it is because we have failed, been hurt, tried and fell, stumbled, and more previously. We just know what doesn't work and we definitely know that one time it is right, perfect, ideal when it happens. Yet it won't happen, can't transpire and won't occur if we don't take that chance. We have to work through the pros and cons, assess the situation and have information to know if it is the right time and then sometimes we just need to go for it anyway and see what happens. Scary? You bet but that is how we figure out those things we just know and bring balance between our heart (faith) and intuition (fear).

This balance between faith and fear is a mindset as much as it is about us knowing we can actually do way more than we give ourselves credit. We short change our life so many times that we prevent ourselves from really living, experiencing and seeing our dreams come true. We give up before we even try because of the unknowns and what-ifs we've made up in our own minds. Releasing those limiting beliefs is work and challenges a lot of what we once stood firmly in believing what was possible and what we were capable of doing. It also invites us to learn, grow, be enriched through and experience in ways that are not possible if we are not open.

There are somethings we just know from experience are not good, safe and worthwhile. Yet

there are so many things we have stopped ourselves from trying because we just don't know or we are so afraid of failing at that we don't even try. Opening that space where we can consider it is the beginning of living more naturally and learning there really is more in our own life that is possible than we could even dream. Perhaps Pope John II was right and there is truly nothing in this world to be afraid of and we should be taking more leaps of faith to try the things we are most afraid. It certainly makes for a much more interesting life story if nothing else. It also gives us more changes to learn those things we just know.

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