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Toxic Free Living

When I first started exploring living naturally I kept hearing this thing called toxic free living. If you know me well you know I am usually quite sarcastic and funny with most things. When I first heard this toxic free living term I instantly thought it sounded like some exclusive resort with pre-planned daily activities and floor plans of matching condos. Was there a dedicated happy hour? Did I have to dress for dinner? I said these things because honestly it sounded expensive. I really had no clue what it meant or even how to go about doing it? How did one go about measuring how toxic free their body was actually?

My curiosity led me to several sources on the Internet all claiming different ways in which someone could achieve toxic free living. The gist of all of them though indicated that what we choose to put in, on or around our body that consisted of non-natural ingredients made up how toxic or non-toxic your health would be. We carry around in our cells everything we eat, drink, smell, see, feel and breathe and in some cases it can be quite a long time before that stuff is released. The more we supply good things to our cells the easier time they have to support our health and keep things like our immunity running well. Simple enough concept I supposed.

How toxic free living is achieved again was quite all over the place. There were of course the pure naturalists saying most of our lives in modern living were nothing but preservatives, fillers, and things we didn’t need. There were people on the other side of the case though indicating that if our agencies in charge of inspecting products claims its safe we’re alright to use it. Neither of these answers really answered my questions though of how you actually live toxic free and what does it cost? In our family we are budget sensitive. While I don’t think there is a person living on this planet that wouldn’t like to have better things to eat, live in and wear we all have to live within our means. I’m quite honest about that and even in working with my clients I always ask what their budget is and we work together to align within that. It has never made sense to me to live in a way that only grows debt instead of wealth as I see that part of your overall health.

In my own journey of pursuing a more natural lifestyle I have found there is really no way to completely avoid things that have toxins in them either. I say no way based on my own experience of trying to live a normal life, in a regular neighborhood and raising my family like most people do. For example, school lunches are mostly junk food that is tasteless and preservative filled. However, I’m not going to tell my son he has to take his lunch every single day. He likes pizza and school pizza is good, even if it is junk. We also eat cereal and it’s not always the kind without coloring or sugar. I consider us to be pretty normal people in what we do and eat.

Where I believe we can most control the toxins is in what we use like cleaners, personal care items and yes even our diet. To say we eat 100% cleanly would be a goal I’m not sure my family will ever achieve and I’m realistic about that. For my family at least the goal is reducing toxic load and exposure where reasonable and getting creative where its possible. We’ve certainly changed the dynamic in our house quite a bit. I can proudly say all our cleaners are natural, our personal care products are 80% natural and our diet is better than it used to be. It’s a journey of experiences and opportunities to find what works best for us and within our budget.

To counteract the toxins we cannot or don’t avoid that’s where choosing effective natural products can help. Using oils like Tumeric, Basil, Oregano, Cinnamon, Lemongrass and more help our bodies get rid of what it doesn’t need in these situations. We can detox our system and support that healthy cell generation process. Since we cannot avoid the toxins 100%, this is why I believe a daily dose of natural supplements and oils is so important. I have found I feel incredible when I get that regular dose of natural goodness in my day. My mood is more positive, my energy is better and I just feel better. It gives me the motivation to see areas where we can explore more options to reducing toxins too.

Again, though cost is a factor. When I walk into a health store I’m often overwhelmed at the selection and have more than once been disappointed at the taste, results and cost. I definitely do not believe it should taste bad or be an acquired taste to be healthy and good for you. I think we can do better than that especially if we’re going to pay for quality. My target goal in living naturally is that it reflects my lifestyle and budget. When I started using essential oils the price per bottle was ridiculous in my mind. Yet when I saw it is a per drop cost and how long these things last that convinced me to give it a try. It has definitely saved me on cooking spices and herbs that are always so expensive in the grocery stores. It has saved me a tremendous amount on cleaners, detergents and soaps. It has also provided me savings in my personal care items. However where I notice it most is in our healthcare savings. That shift has made living naturally affordable and easier to adopt.

What I have learned the most during this journey is that there is not one way to live naturally. There is only the right way for you and your family. That’s where I think it makes the biggest difference and can become something so personalized it exactly fits what you need, are interested in and can afford. It’s also adjustable to align with when the family wants Chinese food for dinner or you need to make other changes to fit with circumstances that have come up. This is why I designed the Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire. This questionnaire helps you outline that strategy to fit your personal needs and interests while honoring that delicate family budget. It’s free and you’re invited to take it for your report:

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