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Understanding the Customer Journey

Posted on September 6, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

There a major road near us that is lined with car dealerships. Many brands from Honda, Toyota, Ford and even a Porsche dealer are lined up right next door to one another. I have often wondered if their parking lots were all connected too so someone could go lot to lot considering different brands, comparing features and negotiating prices. Outside the doors of every single one of those dealerships is a small crowd of sales people just waiting for someone to drive in. Some wear matching colored polo shirts and some wear more formal suits. Some look eager, some bored and many with the air of desperation while trying to act casual as they wait for you to open your car door.

It never fails that as soon as you pull in to a dealership, put your car in park and open your door, one of those casual standing sales people will come over to greet you. They’ll ask you questions like what are you looking for today and how can they help you. They will push a sweaty business card into your hand and check out your car saying they could make you a great trade offer that would get you into one of their newest models that just happened to come in. The experience for me completely drains the fun it otherwise is to browse all the new cars, taking in the sweet new car smell and checking out the latest gadgets and technologies. It also reminds me of the need to make sure I always have OnGuard Sanitizing Mist to clean my hands.

That same dreaded feeling and stickiness of a sweaty business card is what has lost customers and sales within the MLM or direct sales business. It’s not that you necessarily turned them off or pushed them away with your not so casual approach into their personal space but someone did and now they want nothing to do with looking at your pretty products, that beautiful new smell and they don’t want to know about the latest offers and specials.

Types of Customers

Sometimes when we shop we know what we are looking for and what we want or need it to have for our needs. We may have even taken it a step further done homework for the major purchases so we feel like informed an consumer to make the right choice for us well before we start shopping. There are people who shop like this for every single thing they need. I admit I try to do some casual browsing on some things but for the most part I am not this type of shopper though I know they exist and I appreciate their tenacity to get be this organized about shopping for big and little items.

There are also people who so