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What Community Feels Like

At this time of year where I live we have a lot of festivals, fairs and community events. Summer heat and humidity have cooled some and we can enjoy warm days that are comfortable and pleasant. That sense of togetherness and belonging on a community level brings out the interested, curious, fun seekers and those just looking for something different to do. It is a collage of people all with a different reason we are there and sometimes no reason at all other than it is a nice day with nothing better to do.

What speaks to me at these types of events is the community sharing. We are connecting even if we never speak to each other simply by being there. There is a sense of belonging and nostalgia that fills us with that hometown pride. The essence of it being our place. I have to admit that sometimes I don’t think about the small town we live in much until it comes around to the local festival that gives me that sweet reminder of all that is truly available there.

It is the same way with my natural living community. Friends, connections and people I don’t even know that come together annually to learn from one another. It is uplifting and empowering with this deep center of belonging to something greater than ourselves. Oh sure there are always those bad apples that are looking to take advantage but the greater ebb and flow is good, positive and honest. It gives us that pride of belonging and inspiration to share it with others so they can know it too.

I don’t believe we always appreciate the need for community. For me this is certainly true as I have always been more of a loner. Finding a community that has that flexibility to honor that in me while also being there when I need it can be a unique challenge. Upholding the norms and expectations of community can sometimes be daunting too and that has usually been a deterrent for me. What I have learned is finding the right community that respects my needs as a person, supports my voice and has that inclusiveness of individuals not group think is the best for me. It seems to align well my otherwise bohemian mindset that we are all individuals on our own journey through life worldview.

Natural living has filled a great deal of that community need for me. It is there surrounded by others who share in this idea we are all individuals with unique needs and beauty that I feel part of something bigger than myself. I appreciate the knowledge, respect the experiences to learn and grow in my own way. When I think about what it would mean to not have that in my life I realize I have found the place I belong for community. Finding that tribe at large that shares in the purpose of what we are doing to live our best lives naturally and supporting each other in their respective journeys is fulfilling and gratifying.

I don’t see it as selling oils in some direct marketing company. Of course I sell products that can help improve lives but the purpose behind that is so much larger. It is the community of all the things that make it alive, touching every corner of our lives. It is where we find that real calling deep inside us and develop the courage to bring it forward and out. It is the pay-it-forward elements that bring everything full circle. The ability to not only help someone with a problem they have right now but imprint to help them the rest of their lives.

The essential oil Cedarwood is known as the Oil of Community. Its aromatic components bring people together to experience the strength and value of community. This is an important oil to building bonds within social groups where that inclusiveness and belonging. It is known to help us balance that need for fierce independence with knowing we have a place we belong and the support and love of others to help us when we need it. The joy of building community relationships that are helpful in lifting each other up and encouraging our individual journeys to flourish is where this oil helps too.

Knowing that nature itself guides us to community is what firmed my belief that essential oils and natural living was for me. What I found has expanded my own wisdom and experience to be able to share it with others. The ability to be honest with others in an open and loving way to help where I can has been powerfully moving. Seeing others bloom and prosper as a result is a rich reward too. That is an aspect of working I have not experienced in corporate work before and is a special side of what it means to be part of a direct marketing community.

Maybe you are one who thinks selling things isn’t for you and maybe that is true. However, I invite you to consider what is beyond that to see what else could come from that type of experience. The community it provides to support living our best life in all areas of our life, including work and connections that are built on integrity and genuine respect. I know not all direct marketing companies are like that but when you find the one that is, go all in. Give yourself to it freely and openly with a curiosity for more that cannot be quenched. For me, natural products aligned with my own soul’s need for what lay beyond just selling some oils.

If you would like to learn more and see if this community is right for you, please contact me directly via chat at

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