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What I Know About Building the Perfect Life

I think we are all builders in our life. We are constantly starting something new, seeing something through and if we’re lucky getting to step back and admire our accomplishment. That seems like what life is a lot about it seems. Building, creating, transforming and emerging something from nothing or very little.

In my own life I can see a path of things I have built so far. A physical house that’s turned into our comfortable family home now for many years. A family with my husband and son. A career that when it isn’t driving me crazy has some really proud and exciting moments. A small business that I watch grow and evolve each and every day. Things are always changing in my life and that tells me I’m still building them and personally growing from that experience each day too. What I know is the more we create the more experiences we have that only lead us to greater things to build and create.

When I started this small business of my I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing. It wasn’t even anything I had ever considered doing before but for some reason it seemed the right thing at that time. Quite honestly it added a lot to my plate that was already overflowing with a lot of stressful things going on in my life. It was probably the worst time ever to start a business and yet I did. It was a project that at first was a distraction from the chaos and a lifeline out of the rubble falling around me. Though I didn’t know what to do or where to start I figured it out. There are days I still don’t know what I’m doing and that applies to more than just my small business. I believe it’s alright though to not know everything as it gives us a chance to find out and make it something reflective of us in the end.

That’s the crazy thing right? Sometimes we just don’t know and yet we try something. That certainly applies to how I feel about parenting! There sometimes doesn’t seem to be a path to follow and sometimes you go down a path that isn’t right for you but you still go. Out of choice or need you move in a direction and the rest comes together somehow, right or wrong. If it’s wrong we can rebuild some or all of it. We’re never stuck with one thing unless we want to be. What I know about building is regardless of my uncertainty there can be good that comes of it and some lessons to help you do better next time. It’s like building a sand castle where if you don’t like the design or shape you can let the waves take it down so you can start over.

What I know about building a life is there are a lot and I mean a lot of opinions about how to do it. You should get good grades, go to college, by a home, marry and have kids all by certain ages. It’s a lot of pressure to if we’re nearing that acceptable age where people tend to think you should have done something. Yet we also talk about letting our children learn at their own pace. We talk about allowing them to flourish in their own way and on their own schedule. Is there an age where that can no longer apply to an adult? Why do we hold on to old societal beliefs that prevent us from living the life that is right for us throughout our lifetime? Why do we feel guilty if are not following the prescribed age milestones?

As we move into a more natural way of living, it becomes possible to see what we have more freedom. Even though we are still bound in many ways to support living we still have much more freedom. This is possible because we let life flow and use our own inner instinct to know which direction to go, how to live and what is right for us when in our life. What I know about building my life in a more natural way is it becomes a lot more fun and pleasurable to go through the process. There is less guilt about what you should be doing and more emphasis on what is next for you. It is the ultimate personal plan for your entire life.

While building a life is not always a bed of roses that smells nice it is a worthwhile journey, especially when we make it our own. When we design what we want and not what others tell us we should have it becomes the biggest adventure we will ever take. It is an experience unlike any other that will leave us in our golden years looking back at a life well lived. What I believe about building is that is the true way to live a good life. Regardless of our income, background, journey to this point or anything else it is entirely possible for each of us to live in this way. It is simply the idea and practice of living our best life naturally each and every day, all day long as much as we can in each minute. The challenge is finding that balance between the obligations of life and how they too can flow into this more natural being that is us.

What I know about building the perfect life is less about the perfection of what it looks like and more about the process of living it. Getting deeply comfortable in our own skin that we speak our truth, forge our own path and create the design of our life that perfectly fits us.

How will you build your perfect life?

If you’re ready to explore what building a natural life can look like for you I invite you to take the Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire:

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