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What I Know About Growing

Watching my son grow up is priceless. His glee for his upcoming birthday and desire to be older is reminiscent of my own desires at his age. As children we seem so excited to grow older because of what it means in terms of what we can do in our life. When we become adults however it seems there isn’t anything we look forward to in this same way and those age milestones are intimidating. We often wonder why we were so eager to grow up in the first place!

Given that aging is unavoidable I have worked hard in my own life to reduce the intimidation and fear about getting older. I strive to see upcoming milestone birthdays to be a blessing and a doom and gloom day colored in black with images of straight downhill adventures. What I know is these birthdays truly are a blessing and I am entering new phases of my life with more appreciation of what life will bring me in those times. While it’s not always easy to be optimistic about becoming older there is so much to actually look forward to as well. I think birthdays have a way of making you appreciate all of where you have been in life and assess what is next on your journey. What I know is growing older is about perspective and our outlook of looking forward or backwards greatly influences how we see our own aging journey.

The truth is we are constantly changing, evolving and emerging in new forms of our former being. We are applying what we know to solve new problems and facing new challenges that further develop our skills and experience. We are also becoming wiser, more experienced and more intentional about our journey as we age. If there’s anything at all I’ve learned about growing is that you must constantly adapt your strategy to achieve new things. You can sometimes become overwhelmed with all that you face too and have to be intentional about what is truly right for you in those times. The truth is there is not a wrong answer or bad path to go down if it is the right opportunity for you. We must honor our own journey of growth.

When I started my natural health journey over 3 years ago now I became attuned to what nature had to say about my growth. I could see choices I had made in the past be fixed and improved so that I could enjoy more of my life today. I experienced a transformation that enabled me to align with nature’s flow of life and support of my needs in a new way that was less mainstream and more me. In this process I learned that growth is truly sometimes about letting go and experiencing the change without forcing or pushing so hard. There certainly are enough things in our life we need to be forceful about without adding more stress of changes that can happen naturally on their own. What I know for sure is change is growth and it can be pleasant as much as it can be challenging. When it is created and nurtured naturally it goes much smoother and pleasantly.

Another area I have seen significantly change and growth in my life is when I started my business Dragonspit Apothecary. Applying what I knew about business and learning in my own life as well as the new experiences of being a small business owner has dramatically influenced how I think these days. Sharing those experiences in this blog have helped me continually grow, expanding my knowledge and experience to support others interested in doing the same in their lives. It has been rewarding to see my clients transform their lives, share incredible changes in their health and get excited about what this means in their journey. What I know for sure is if I had not opened the door to this possibility and growth in my own life none of this would exist today. Sometimes we just have to say yes and figure out the rest as we move forward. It is an incredible learning and growing experience when this happens.

What I know about growth in our very lives are much like seeds we plant in the ground. We wait patiently for just the right temperature and lowest risk of winter’s bite to return before placing these tiny little seeds in the ground. We cover them and water them nurturing their hibernation in this fresh soil. We wait and wait until we see the first emergence of their stalks come through the dirt. Though we feel this excitement at the onset of new growth so much has already happened under the dirt to support that stalk we see on the surface. Our own growth is the same as these seedlings. Too often we cannot see the progress that has already occurred until there is a big emergence from the ground. As a result we can get frustrated or even give up before it’s had a chance to form and emerge into a beautiful plant in our life. Growth I believe is both a mix of anticipation and patience. It is the practice of developing ourselves, the right skills, experience, expertise and more we need to be strong healthy plants. Our birthdays are often those milestones where we can look back and see where we have emerged from our growth into who we were created to be in this life.

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