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What I Know About Living in Alignment

It’s the best of times when things just flow and everything is ok in every area of your life isn’t it? It’s not too often I can say that though as it seems something is always up somewhere. The general idea of peace in every area of my life where things are good and flowing right seems novel at times. The simple fact life changes constantly is the reason and I know this but sometimes I just wish there was something more. More control over it perhaps.

When I work on alignment in my own life I feel like I have some of that control. Some things that used to bother me don’t anymore or I’m focused elsewhere. Perhaps it’s more than that. Perhaps when I am in alignment in what I want, need and am doing life truly does get calmer, easier and less complex. What I know for sure is it feels good when I have that energy from a strong focus, committed determination and proactive action there is truly no stopping me. Failure isn’t an option and while it may still be hard at times, I am calm, cool and collected on where I’m going.

There is so much noise and distraction we encounter every day. I believe this takes away from our ability to focus on alignment in our own being. We become disjointed in our thoughts, needs, dreams and movements. No part of us is working with the other parts and we are like fragmented puzzle pieces scattered on a table. We in turn feel sluggish and turn to mind numbing support for comfort with our exhaustion and escape from the heavy stress this fragmentation is giving us. What I have learned is we must control the noise and distractions if we want to hear our own soul and heartbeat. We must learn to love the quiet, dwell in it’s space with confidence and be at peace with ourselves in those moments. What I know for sure is that is one of the most challenging endeavors many of us will go through in the course of reclaiming our health but doing so transpires into that alignment to hear nature speaking to us and guiding us to what we really need to heal and align.

What I know for sure about alignment is it is a journey. We continually grow, transform and emerge from these phases of change. It is a continual adjustment to remain aligned in heart, body and mind. With all of our technology, demands and the noise around us the world is constantly pulling us out of alignment in response. However, the more we get quiet and focus within the more powerful we become in how respond and to what. Life will always have something changing causing disruptions and changes but we can flow with grace and confidence in response rather than with just pure adrenaline.

This word alignment is like the description of a perfect moment. We feel together and whole. There is a frequency about us radiating outward like a protective bubble. We can smile and feel this incredible sense of awareness and gratefulness. Nothing feels tight, constraining or limiting. We can evolve on our own timeline and move in any direction we feel right for us. What I know about alignment is that sensation of freedom and grace is worth the effort it takes to achieve this level of peace in my life.

The tree pose in yoga comes to my mind when I think about alignment. When I tried this pose in a class I saw we all have different trees in us. We sway, fall over even while others stand tall and solid. We are all aligned though, each tree. We are standing firmly in our own beautiful messy way seeking that solace of strength through the symbolic vision of a tree. We are aligning to the calls of nature and seeking her divine wisdom to guide us in growing, root us in her strength and courage and support us through the winds. What I know is when we align to nature and hear her voice in our soul we know we are on the right path to aligning in what it is right for us.

What I know for sure about alignment is it is about growth. It is not about staying in one place or staying the same hoping peace in all areas of our life will come one day and stay when it arrives. Rather it is about growing on the journey in our own being to create that peace and calm. It is about learning to flow in nature and let her guide us when things are challenging and when they are calm. It is about understanding ourselves completely and accepting our imperfections as part of our beauty. It is seeing our journey as one of transformations and growing wisdom about who we are and how we evolve into who we were created to be.

Are you ready to align?

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