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What I Know About Living in Natural Luxury

I have said many times in my life, usually when I’m doing something I don’t want to be doing, that I wish I could win the lottery. What I am really saying in those moments is I would rather be doing something else. I have fallen into this thinking that if I only had enough money I could have all the luxury I want and more freedom over my time. What I know about luxury is this couldn’t be further from the truth of how to have more of it in your life.

The times I have felt luxury in my life it has come when I feel my best. I have my best and favorite power outfit on, my curly usually frizzy hair is behaving and I a ready for what is next. I move with confidence, have a high energy and am focused on where I’m going. Things are going in my favor and I have at my disposal everything I need. In those moments of feeling my best, things feel different to my touch, taste different to my tongue and influence how I think, feel and act. What I know about luxury is it is fully about how I feel with it wrapped around me.

What I have learned about luxury is it helps bring out my most successful, confident, beautiful self and it is always within my grasp and yet I don’t always reach for it. It is as if I’m afraid of it at times, not believing it possible to feel good despite my circumstances. Surely I have it wrong and that I must have wealth to have luxury and yet when I am brave enough I can’t believe I ever questioned it. It as natural as air to intake into my being and let it take over how I’m feeling. Like air , the energy of luxury is also free.

Luxury is an energy that radiates around and in us. It changes our mindset to see the possible, take a risk and be stronger than we thought we could be. What I know about luxury is it has nothing to do with furs, jewels or mansions. It is deeper and wider than those things and yet it is still comfortable, unwavering and durable as if it were handmade. The descriptions of luxury are spot on and yet what we see as luxury often falls short for what it actually is. How does one see luxury then? We see it in each other and ourselves when we feel our best. When we are described as living a good life and are truly happy. That is luxury especially given how much sadness is in our world.

What I know about luxury is it is limitless and open to all. We can all touch it because it is within us. Too often we live with this scarcity mindset that prevents us from realizing how luxurious life can be. We hold ourselves back from the very things that make us feel good. I’m not talking about physical things that put us in debt either. I’m describing nature. At the core of happiness is nature, our own, the physical world and the freedom that exists in both if we only let it free. What I know about luxury is we cannot experience it contained to only physical things with expensive price tags.

When we choose to live more naturally we are choosing luxury. We are choosing freedom and that leads us to the empowering ability to do what is right for ourselves. It is what makes the impossible possible and dreams a realty. If living in a big house with expensive cars is your definition of luxury than the process of obtaining that is where luxury will be found. Believing in yourself that it can happen for you and then actively doing the things to create it. I believe when we let loose on this journey in an intentional way seeking to truly find real luxury we often find the houses and cars are a very small part of it though. What I know about luxury is it is a journey of self-discovery that defines that customized experiences and relationships most important to us and more valuable than any car.

Luxury items are thought of as valuable. Therefore nature itself, those we hold dearest and our own ability to live a good life in peace and connection with them is at the heart of luxury. Opening our mindset to this realization feels lighter, less stressed and overwhelming as to how we can create luxury in our every day life. It is a change in mindset so profound it seems improbable to be so simple. Yet it is exactly that. An awareness of what is around us, how we can make our world more beautiful and special all through using the luxury within and around us to bring it forward.

Ready to learn what natural luxury can feel like in your life?

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