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What I Know About Natural Wealth

Wealth is a funny thing. Most of us think instantly of money, fine things and a luxurious worry and stress free life. I think about happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction and security. I believe natural wealth comes from within our own power to manifest and create in our life. It honestly changes the focus of how we get it too. It doesn’t mean wealth doesn’t have any involvement with money because it does but I think just focusing on that part of it is limiting to its real potential and impact it could have on our daily living.

What I know about natural wealth is it does share some commonalities to money wealth. Both mostly have to be earned unless you’re fortunate enough to be related to Oprah or win the lottery. Well, then you’re probably not concerned with your money wealth at that point but hopefully you realize you still need some natural wealth too. Natural wealth and money wealth can both be created and accumulated over time to create abundance. Yet the key difference I think is natural wealth always has a much higher yield rate and it doesn’t take nearly as much time as a money savings account.

The deal with natural wealth is like money wealth, we have to work for it. We have to do more than wish for it and dream about it too. We have to get up every day and work on it. Some days will reap more natural wealth than others for sure but what I know about natural wealth is there is always a payout based on what you put into it. If you give your all in the day to build a better life for yourself you can move the needle to making that change reality and along the way have natural wealth, maybe some money wealth too, to show for it.

What I know about natural wealth is people are drawn to those that have it just like they are to money wealth. Natural wealth is an energy we radiate and it attracts people because they sense our happiness, optimism and outlook to things is different than what they see a lot of other places. Too often when things are challenging we immediately jump to the negative side of thinking with worry and stress making it all seem impossible to overcome. Yet when we come from a place of natural wealth we feel more in control of our circumstances and see possibilities to the barriers surrounding us.

Natural wealth is manifested when we decide it no longer works for us to live status quo. We know we deserve and desire more than that. The difference here with money wealth is we don’t have to be dependent on others to give that opportunity, promotion, raise, praise or subjective opinion to help us advance on those goals. Everything we need to obtain and build natural wealth is already inside us just waiting to be opened and used. It is entirely within our ruby slippers to click together and start that journey of living naturally wealthy.

What I know about natural wealth is the feeling that comes from it. The heart full of gratitude for the blessings in our life even when all around us is problems. We feel calm in that storm and have the faith, hope and trust everything will be alright. We use our natural wealth to share that comfort with others, soothing fears, coaxing them back to sleep during nightmares and sharing our strength to carry on. It isn’t that we are stronger, braver or even more courageous but rather because we have built our wealth on solid foundations of values and believes that won’t fade or run when things get tough.

When we build natural wealth over money wealth things change in how we pursue money wealth too. Our motivation shifts from material things to what really matters in life and how to have more of that. I firmly believe when we feel our best, other good things come behind that and it keeps accumulating into that natural wealth account. Our relationships change and become more loving, connected and deeper in meaning. We find that though we have very little we more than enough to share with others and lifting each other up feeds that good feeling we hold in our hearts.

Living with natural wealth well feels natural. It is a currency we spend by living our best life every day and the more we spend it the more we receive back. It may not always feel like a one for one return because there are always times we may face less than credible people who use us for our good nature but I believe in the end we always win. What I know about natural wealth is we cannot lose as it always pays us back and there are always more windfalls than loses. If natural wealth was a stock it would be a free one but always with the best returns on our investment.

What I know about natural wealth is it is always within our reach but so many of us misconstrue it and only see the real wealth being green paper money. We let our time pass by pursuing the money wealth and forgetting that each day we can be living in wealth already. The real wealth of life comes from those we surround ourselves with and share what we already have. What I know about natural wealth is it is so much bigger than a Thanksgiving dinner grateful moment but it is a daily exercise we build on each day.

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