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What I Know About Nature

When I think about nature the first thing that comes to mind is its splendor. The beautiful landscape that surrounds us with its gifts both physically and mentally. Nature is always giving to us in the very breath we breathe so it is of little wonder we refer to her as Mother Nature. She is all the things I envision a strong mom who loves her family is and then she is also wild and free, rebellious even to hold her own identity outside of motherhood. Nature reminds me of me.

I think of the mountains with their deep tree filled forests that remind me of how mighty nature’s strength can be. Those mountains are courageous, fierce and bold in their contrast against a skyline. They give us shelter, peace and comfort when our soul needs rest. It is these very mountains that remind us of the connection to Earth, our home and our responsibility to care for nature as much as it cares for us. A delicate relationship that we owe so much to for our very lives. What I know about nature’s mountains is they will always be there to protect us if we do our part in preserving nature.

I also see the beach where the waves crash at the sand and shore to remind of us of our own need to let go of that which we cannot control. Nature is both beautiful and bold, never ceasing in its own strength and determination to persist and yet those very strengths are the result of holding nothing back. What I know about standing at the edge of the ocean is the freedom life should feel like every day but so often does not. It is the release of so much we feel constraints us and the ability to open up to what could be possible.

What I know about nature is it’s love of us. It provides our very food, medicine, housing and clothing. It is there for us even when we don’t realize it. The very breath we take in is filled with nature’s presence to encourage us and give us life itself. Nothing else on Earth is as powerful and connecting as nature. What I know about nature is we undervalue it so often and fail to see the very necessity of it to survive. It is a calling to be responsible caretakers and lovers of nature for its gift of our lives.

When I use an essential oil I am most reminded of nature’s help in my life. I can smell the aroma of flowers that uplift my spirit on a grey day or soothe me to sleep after a stressful work day. Nature is there when I don’t feel well and there when I feel my best. I consume nature in and on my body to feel its power in helping me do what I must. What I know about nature is it’s support to my own health and well-being. Some may say essential oils are useless and offer no value but I know from my own experience using good pure oils that simply isn’t true. If they do nothing but make me feel a little bit happier or less stressed that alone is incredible but I know they also do so much more.

Nature’s role in our existence deserves more of our attention. I firmly believe the more time we spend in nature the more realize how much we need in our life every day. We intentionally find ways to include more of it around us. For me that came in the form of eliminating toxic products and replacing them with natural ingredient ones. I started to expand where nature could be included in every crevice of my life as my own appreciation for nature itself grew. I don’t believe we need to be outdoorsy people to enjoy this benefit either but rather we just need to reconnect to our life source.

What I know about nature is it perseverance to adapt and evolve so it can overcome the challenges it faces. Most of those challenges come from the very humans nature is here to protect and yet nature finds a way to overcome our stupidity. Nature continues to give and give until she has nothing left in hopes we will realize her love for us is unceasing. The more I have grown in my own natural living journey the more I realize the pain we cause nature and see her struggle to continue giving us her best. It is also a demonstration of our own ability to survive and thrive in horrible conditions in our own life that we too can overcome.

What I know about nature is there is so much to learn about it. In our quest to advance mankind through technology I feel we overlook the obvious and most simple of answers that could help us. We discount the simple and obvious because we don’t think it possible such a solution could be that easy and yet sometimes it really is such. The smarter and more advanced we have become the less connected to nature we also seem to become. We have lost sight of what matters most in our world at times in our quest for bigger, better and faster. What I believe is nature is forgiving and all we need to do is reconnect with her to rebuild this important relationship and we would see incredible changes in many areas of our lives and world at large.

Nature’s wisdom and love offers us all something of value if we only listen to it. If you are ready to begin your journey to living naturally well, visit me at to learn how.

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