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What I Know about Simplicity in Living Naturally

There is a peace about it. It’s like I can actually take that deep breathe of air and let it out slowly. The sense of well-being coming forth from my lungs because all of me feels it. That feeling things will be alright maybe too. It is a feeling that comes over me when things are simple, in order, feel in control and all the things that give me that sense that maybe life isn’t so hard after all. That feeling is what it feels like to have simplicity in my life.

What I know about simplicity in living well is it sometimes feels fleeting but that we can completely and wholly create it in our lives. It is the practice of living naturally true to ourselves so that life fits us instead of us trying to fit everything into our lives. That expression of being able to not have boundaries but rather to enjoy expansion of our own being so that everything fits so perfectly there is not room for things that require boundaries.

Most of the time I like to keep things simple in my life and yet it feels like that is quite a challenge. So much of life doesn’t feel simple. I fool myself a lot about it being simple and instead it is just stress I’m used to at this point. Normal is not necessarily simple and yet it is what I know and what is expected of me to do in a day. Staying busy, getting it all done and never feeling like I do indeed have time for myself or anything more but that’s what weekends are for right? Maybe then I can have things more simple for at least a little while.

When it comes to having more simplicity in our days it means resetting what it means to live well. Surrounding ourselves with more than pretty decorated houses that we struggle to pay for is not simple living. It is not a style or décor but rather an entire encompassing experience that doesn’t cost us anything at all. What I know about simplicity in living naturally is you build it and expand it by making investments in ourselves to unclutter our lives to make room for what really speaks to our hearts.

As it relates to our careers and jobs these things consume our time, energy and label us into different roles that determine our pay and value to the company. Work is important and we need it but it is far from simple to keep it and have it be a reliable source in our lives. There is nothing simple it seems when it comes to supporting ourselves and I think a lot of our stress comes from this area. It makes us hard. We forget what it feels like to be free, simple and enjoying what we do. We forgo that feeling for money to give us things that substitute what it means to live simply naturally well.

What I know about simplicity in living naturally is we live in a time when we must redefine how that looks and there is no one right way for it to prosper in our lives. It is a balance we strike and we let the natural one expand as much as possible into the areas we cannot completely change. We continue to find those crevices though where it can exist and hope one day it can be larger than it is in those areas. It evolves as we grow into our fully designed self pursuing our best life.

I believe simplicity is more than just moments we capture where we realize somethings feels good. It is not a vacation from normality but it becomes our normal that we build to replace what we have now. Some of our life will look the same but it will distinctly feel different, more alive, more us. Everything around us and all that we do becomes an extension of us every day. Simplicity is often mistaken for other things we need in our life like love, security and inclusion but in reality simplicity is all of those things in just the right amounts and perfect mix of exactly what we need.

What I know about simplicity is its power to be so fulfilling it is limitless. There is abundance and yet it simple. We thought it would be more fancy or complex and yet it feeds our soul like cold water on a hot day. There is this refreshing energy that captivates us and changes how we have been looking at the world. What we once pursued because it was a goal, offered something we wanted is now different. We want instead peace, contentment, happiness that we know comes from within us and not a well we must dig, search and conquer to accomplish.

Living naturally means things are alive in our life on a new level. There is a richness to what it feels like under our fingertips and it tastes like ripe fruit. Our senses and being are alive with interest, energy and curiosity. Life feels better, more aligned to our being where we just have to walk into it, breathe it in and make it our own. It touches every corner of our life where we enjoy the process of building what it means to have simplicity in our day.

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Live naturally well.

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