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What I Know About Time

I like to think I’m old enough now to appreciate what matters most. Most likely this isn’t true yet but I have begun to see the preciousness of time most definitely. It is hard to avoid time especially when things like your birthday come around or you notice how tall your children are getting. What I notice the most is the changes around me though much more than I notice them about myself. That’s the funny thing about time. It has a gentle way of telling you life is changing.

I have lots of things I like to do with my time and often not as much time as I’d like to do them. There are schedules to make, to-do lists to complete and priorities that come up needing my attention but in the end it comes down to time. What I know about time is you can have some of the most beautiful planners and calendars but if they are just filled with appointments and work they can become quite burdensome to use. Having those stretches, blocks, and lists of things that fill your heart and soul are what make a pretty book of paper transform time.

What I know about time is it can pass slowly or quickly depending on what we are focused on, faced with and enduring. Pain and grieve seem to slow time as if it will never be sunny again. Happiness and good times where life is going smooth never seem to last long enough. While we cannot prevent the times when challenges come to us we can use that time to help us grow in appreciation of those good times when life isn’t so hard. We can also use time to help us shore up the areas of our life where the waters won’t be so turbulent as often and enrich our life with the things that keep us pushing through the storm when it lands in our life.

Choosing to the see the beauty among the ruins helps time provide the healing we need. However, being open to look past the hurt, destruction, grief, loss and struggle to let time heal isn’t always easy. While time may heal all wounds it can only heal if we are open to letting it. What I know about time’s healing powers is it is waiting for us. Time is never lost healing our soul and becoming all of who we are meant to be in this life. Sometimes though our journey is more about healing in order to learn what is possible.

What I know about time is we capture it most when we are living in alignment to our true self. When we feel our most free, happiest and complete is when life is in perfect balance with our needs, wants and must dos. There is always something to do in order to maintain that balance but when we are able to fill those obligations through things that also fuel our soul we are living most naturally. Time can fly in these situations but it is always with happy moments being instilled in our memories for leading us back to those experiences and creating more like them in our


When time is on our side has come to mean to me that check I have things in this delicate balance of living my best life. Defining what that means to me has been a process of both healing and emergence into a future I didn’t necessarily know I wanted but am thankful to have. What I have learned about time is we often chase things that are not meant for us but when we instead flow with time on our side we realize what it is we are really seeking and didn’t know how to put into words or actions. It’s as if we found almost a time saver when we can not chase but rather let it come to us instead.