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What I Know for Sure About Direct Sales

Posted on September 30, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

I recently read the book by Oprah Winfrey called “What I know.” It is a collection of her personal lessons she has learned from her career and personal journey that have come from years of writing and reflection. She covers a lot of topics including Joy, Courage, Challenge and more but the one that stuck out to me the most was the topic of Resilience.

In this chapter, Oprah talks about some of the major challenges she has faced in her life and how through all of it she has always managed to be ok. Even when she had been demoted in her job, lost her job, faced incredible pain from her family and didn’t know how she would survive, she did. She just stood and took a step forward. She survived. We do too.

This paragraph spoke to me so deeply. “The answer lies in McClurkin’s simple refrain: “You just stand.” That’s where strength comes from – our ability to face resistance and walk through it. It’s not that people who persevere don’t ever feel doubt, fear, and exhaustion. They do. But in the toughest moments, we can have faith that if we just take one step more than we feel we’re capable of, if we draw on the incredible resolve every human being possesses, we’ll learn some of the most profound lessons life has to offer.”

I have read that paragraph again and again since I first found it. I cannot count how many times I felt that way in my life. The shear loneliness and weight of these feelings has felt crushing at times. The times I felt absolute frozen fear of not knowing how I could provide for my family now that my job was gone. The countless times I have been so exhausted mentally and physically but didn’t have the option of resting or giving up. The insecurity of not knowing how to do something but needing to figure it out. How many times indeed.

What I know for sure is you have survived some incredible challenges that you didn’t think you could. You have spent nights in tears, fear and prayer of not knowing what would come next in the storm you were weathering. You spent your last few dollars making sure your kids had what they needed to be taken care of and prayed there would be more coming soon. You have worked at jobs that were miserable because it was a paycheck you needed to pay the bills. All the while praying that miserable job would hold out long enough for you to figure something else out. Through it all you woke up today to do it again. What I know for sure is despite it all, including what others have said, you have it in you to survive.