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What I Know for Sure About Fall

Posted on October 31, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

Those crisp leaves of bright colors sure have a way of telling us a few things about change. What was once green and lush is now yellows, reds and browns filling the ground all around us. There is very little that doesn’t change and the kindest of changes are the ones we see gradually and slowly evolving at an easy pace allowing us time to adjust.

What I know for sure about Fall is change is unavoidable. Yes you can hop on a jet running to be in a tropical paradise that looks nothing like Fall in only a few hours but change will still be occurring. It can be avoided for only so long before the reality and necessity of changing comes to all of our lives. Change is growth, wisdom and part of all life for every single thing on this planet.

What I know for sure is we must learn to weather the seasons of our life that bring these changes and use them to grow in our journey.

Each of us has a journey, purpose, reason and intention that was meant for us to travel. Your journey may look similar to mine and we become kindred spirits traveling the road side by side for a long or short time. Your journey may be entirely different and we never have the chance in this lifetime to walk alongside one another. While similar or different each of us walk a little of that journey every day and it is up to us how much we see along the way, who we walk along side and who we help carry their load on that road.

What I know for sure about Fall is on that journey we are constantly learning about ourselves. We learn courage, strength, trust, gratefulness and all the life skills that make us who we are. We learn who we are in times of storms and in times of calm. It is during those storms on our path we really learn and appreciate what and who is around us. We learn to stand on our own feet and take that necessary next step putting one foot in front of the other to walk the path before us with increasing confidence, grace, wisdom and love that takes a lifetime to build.

Sharing what we know is a gift to help others we see on the same path as us. Sharing helps them during their own storms, lifting them up so they can lean on us and take their own next step. When we share we build connection, trust and learn from one another. Our spirits and hearts encourage, support, champion and rally for one another to succeed, be strong and have faith that at the end of these journeys we will be together and enjoy the rewards of our labors.