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What It Means to be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

There is a proverb about a man who was healthy, wealthy and wise. This man lived his life having the best day every day and it seemed all was just perfect for this guy. He was the guy everyone knew in town as the person to know because he always had a smile on his face, good energy to be around and was generous to anyone who knew him. He would help anyone do anything and was always the first to show up. He was after all known as healthy, wealthy and wise so he was someone people sought out and wanted to know so we would like to think he had lots of friends, enjoyed fancy feasts and probably had the girls fawning all over him right? Well, imagine the surprise when these supposed new friends and hot girls show up at his place one day to find out this guy is actually just a regular poor farmer like they are?

How can someone be healthy, wealthy and wise if they don’t have any money you ask? Well if we only think of wealth in terms of money then no, the guy wasn’t wealthy. However, I think wealth has a distortion to it that is often limited in what it actually means. Have you ever heard the comparison about how people with very little are often more generous and have more friends than those with lots of money? The person known to give the shirt off his back to help someone without having a spare shirt for himself? Those types of situations have been proven over and over that true wealth is not monetary.

Wealth is about accumulation but it doesn’t have to be limited to money. Next level wealth is what makes the healthy and wise parts also possible when we make this expansion. See I believe wealth is a very natural aspect of our lives but we too often get wrapped up in the society view of what it means. When we feel wealthy we feel confident, safe, secure, happy and even bold. When we feel healthy we also feel those things and energetic and have a zest for life. When we feel wise we know from our experience and knowledge how to keep the wealth and health and share what we know with others. That being true, I am not certain you can have health or wisdom without natural wealth.

If you only have money and not your health, then you end up spending your money to restore your health. It also doesn’t mean you are wise about anything. If you have your health but no form of connection to others, community or inclusiveness then most likely our mental well-being isn’t as healthy as you think. It really does take all three in just the right amount to make it all work. Natural wealth and even monetary wealth is limited without the other two as well in my opinion.

All of this is to say I think we have misplaced our value on wealth. We have shortchanged ourselves and others because we judge each other by what we wear, drive and where we live. I also think this perception of wealth only being limited to money has created the chaos we have in our society these days. There will always be someone who has more money than us. We all can’t be Oprah with billions in the bank. However, when we consider what wealth really means, as in the real natural wealth most of us are much better off than we think and we could actually be better off than Oprah.

This idea that we can build our own wealth, health and wisdom and live a good life as a regular person is the essence of living naturally well. It is the journey we pursue to fix problems we have and be like the farmer who was someone living his best life every day. He figured out that there was more than enough for him to live a good life, provide for his family and be generous with others. He had friends who wanted to know him and learn from his wisdom. We all know how good it feels to be around a person who is always upbeat and positive right? That rubs off and then we feel good too. When we feel good, we have more energy, a better outlook to seeing resolution to our problems and perhaps even obtain some of that monetary wealth.

Life is full of challenges and we are constantly under the waves of changes coming at us but it is when we see our value, worth and gifts of life as more than than what’s in our bank accounts, we realize our true wealth. Those components fuel our energy to pursue dreams, take risks and climb mountains if we want to. Wisdom is gained through living and learning. It is when we take all of these things and bundle them together for how we let it fuel our day that makes all the difference. If we only let the bad in our life out front then that’s all us and anyone around us will see too.

I believe natural health, wealth and wisdom come from being realistic about what it means to live our own life. It is setting our own path forward to do what is right for ourselves and align back to our natural self. That’s when we not only feel our best inside and out but we radiate a different energy that draws people close to us. People want to know our secret for always being positive when there are constant problems. They want to know how we managed to accomplish something more easily, faster or unlike someone else. It isn’t that we were necessarily monetary rich or won the lottery but rather that we chose to live differently. We chose to live naturally.

If you’re ready to live naturally too, visit my website at to learn how to get started.

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