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What it Means to Raise Your Vibration

I saw this graphic on Pinterest recently that was labeled 12 Ways to Raise Your Vibration. In normal Pinterest fashion I skimmed over the list like a quick checklist to see how many I already did regularly. It is a little confidence booster sometimes to be able to say check to everything for me. I realize gauging myself against random lists and social media quizzes like what I would be if I were a circus animal are silly but I still tend to participate in them for entertainment at times. What bothers me though is how many of these things are out there that try to sound like experts and can actually end up misguiding us.

As I went through this particular list I noticed conflicting messaging. For example number one on the list was using essential oils and number two was burning candles. Most people who use essential oils, pure high quality oils that is, are not usually also candle burners. We don’t because we have learned the need to remove toxic products from our life and candles are usually highly toxic. Instead we diffuse oils in good quality diffusers and most of those have a light feature that substitutes for candles. So if I didn’t feel like essential oils were raising my vibration than I could return to candles this seemed to say.

The author must not have known or recognized that roses are one of the highest vibrational frequency of all living things. They are followed by other flowers and plants that are all commonly made into essential oils. When using oils to raise your vibration this means to use them to support our energy both physically, mentally and spiritually; that perfect trine of being in a state of our most natural self. Creating that experience is not something that can be manufactured with manmade elements as those block our vibrations.

I went through the rest of the list of course but my focus changed from casually seeing how I stacked up to critiquing this author’s graphic. That was unfortunate because I think their idea was good but just wasn’t well thought out. I too was at fault in this situation because I realized I was comparing myself to checklists. We have become so used to information at our fingertips that is easily digestible in the form of infographics and lists that we sometimes forget there’s a lot more to the story missing.

In this case, our vibration is our life force. It is the energy we give off through naturally being alive. The little chart above shows some of our major body components with their frequency in fact. We all have it. To change our vibration means to transform ourselves. This happens emotionally and then is radiated through our physical being. The energy it takes to smile is directly related to our emotions where we are feeling happy, pleased, content, satisfied, complete and safe. Our hearts beat differently in those moments.

To raise our vibration means to extend those times when we feel our best. Using products that support those feelings most naturally so our own body, mind and spirit are generating it is where vibrational changes occur. When at the level it can be maintained consistently this is where we find people who are generally happiest in their lives, pursuing their passions and dreams, and not caring what other people think about their lifestyle. It is our point of highest vibration in being ourselves.

So where do things like essential oils and salt lamps come in? Those elements, especially things in nature, which the author of the Pinterest graphic was on point about, support our work in transforming to our real selves. Alone, applying any essential oil or sitting by a salt lamp meditating for hours is only going to take you so far on this journey. The real work is in us to complete and those natural element tools like oils, make it possible. They help create the momentum and enhance the results we ourselves are putting into it. Bottom line, we need to care about doing the work to create it but there are tools to make it easier.

Our world does not make it easy to be ourselves. We have labels, responsibilities and obligations to fulfill every day. There is always something coming up that needs our attention as priority one that takes away from the things we would rather be doing. The trick in raising your vibration among all that is in changing your life to work for you instead of the other way around. Most of us are seeking that security financially through jobs that connect us to money, relationships that connect us to love and inclusion with other people and more but the real truth is we need to generate that from within ourselves. Following a dream that ends up being a business we own that sustains us, loving ourselves and being comfortable in our own skin is what that means. Your vibration manifests naturally when we tune into our own needs and path.

When we stop living the life we think we’re supposed to live and start listening to our own heartbeat, we find our vibrational core. It is there, in that quiet moment where we feel our best, most free and centered in our life. Tapping into that and allowing it to flow throughout all areas of our life is what makes our own vibration expand and spread to others. Essential oils are powerful in that support work to make that connection but are then willing to take that next brave step to apply it in our lives? Are we ready to have our heart beat a little faster, our lives to feel alive and free? Are we ready to experience a higher vibration?

If that is you, let’s connect. The chat feature at is where I will be ready to help you raise your vibration naturally.

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