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What Natural Freedom Feels Like

There are so many ways we can describe freedom. It’s a sensation, experience, feeling and emotion with many sides and deeply held personal beliefs. It is a powerful word that instills in us pride, encouragement, motivation and action. Free is an energy that underlines and emphasizes what we do next. It is the goal and also the plan. It is the sweetest fruit that awakens all your senses leaving your craving more.Freedom doesn’t mean it’s free because if it was it wouldn’t be ours, personalized and custom to our exact specifications in our own dream. It would instead be someone else’s interpretation of our dream and it would never feel free it would feel like a gift.

The feelings associated with free would never be realized. While we may appreciate the gift it would never be a true sensation of freedom we each deserve to achieve in our own way. That to me means freedom is hard earned, pursued until we don’t think we can take one more step and dreamed of non-stop.Most of us will spend our lifetime never feeling free. It is challenging to find freedom at the bottom of an endless to-do list we built or large mortgage payment we struggle to pay each month or the constant running to and from youth sports games. We chose those things because they are important right? We did what we thought were right because that’s what you’re supposed to do. You are supposed to be busy where you don’t have any time to yourself, in debt that you have no hope of ever repaying and your kids should be in every program possible so they have the right opportunities in life. That’s how it’s supposed to be right?

This is what defines a good life.

Why are we instead more depressed, sad, anxious and stressed than any other population that has lived before us?

Why don’t we feel free?

Why is there only exhaustion that leaves us unfulfilled rather than a fire in our belly driving us to greater things?

I believe there is a difference between having to do something and if that task is helping us build freedom or just survive the day. When I looked at my own to-do list with that perspective the majority of it was not helping me advance towards having a free life. I don’t know that this means I will ever be free of having to do laundry but I think it can mean that a lot of other things in my life are supporting me living my best life more often. It’s the day I wake up on my own without an alarm and work full time on my business but I can control my schedule and still have ample to pay the bills. It’s creating the dream life that is truly my own dream and not the one I’m supposed to have for my age, career, family size, partner choice, college career, and other societal pressure defined element.Freedom is a word that I believe synonymous with natural. We even see these words together quite a bit on products. Free and natural. Natural and free. When we have one we have the other. I believe when you have them both you have the ability to build and create even more of it in your life. That first little taste of natural freedom is like a favorite dessert that you cannot wait to get another bite from. It is an opening of a large heavy door where behind it lay all the things dreams are made of and that you could possibly imagine. The only way to unlock the door and get it open is by our own work to find the key and pushing to open it.

The beauty of freedom’s pursuit is there is no one way to achieve it. That’s the pleasure of it as it can’t just be something you observe someone else doing and copy that. Some of that will work but ultimately you’ll be needing your own map to find your own way to your freedom. That map is already inside waiting to be unfolded and only requires us each to sit deeply with our own being to define what is on the map, what we deeply crave and have never told anyone and what it looks like while choosing what we are willing to step away from currently to work on that. Freedom is asking each of us to shape it to our own dream and never give up hope of achieving it.When I began my living natural journey I thought I was just swapping out some cleaners in my home to be more conscious of what we were using. I had no idea that underneath that change was a map to what I would find contained freedom. I wasn’t only gaining freedom from products that were garbage to myself, my family and the environment but I was gaining freedom on what it meant to live with what is right for me. I could craft my entire home to be natural, saving my family money to us for other ways we could be free. I realized I could help others do this too through a business of my own that would also one day give my family financial freedom. I started to develop hope which led to motivation to pursue a dream to live life more to my terms.

Touching freedom is much like coming awake and splashing your face with the most pure, cold water you’ve ever felt. It is energizing and refreshing. Afterwards you see normal things for what they truly are … normal. It’s like seeing a beautiful piece of fruit and biting into it realizing it’s tasteless instead of delicious. You see others busy and exhausted running in circles and want to help them see what you see. You breathe deeper, sleep better and while you too also have some busy things you begin to see how you can change those to your own control. You find fruit that fills your senses and feeds a hunger for real things in your life that are precious, impactful and supportive. Things start to transform and shift so they feel more like you and less like another chore. You’re calmer and more attune with yourself moving in a way that serves what you need to do while knowing how it will ultimately help you continue feeling this way. This is living naturally free.

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