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What Nature Shares

Those bright crisp leaves tenderly hanging on the trees just waiting for the right wind to catch them as they tumble to the ground is a beautiful sight. It reminds me of fruit at the peak of ripeness just waiting to be picked and savored in juicy deliciousness. Nature gives us these signs all the time but most loudly during autumn. The season of change it is called and yet every season has its changes, peaks and periods of rest. Every season calls us to grow and thrive, rest and re-emerge anew. We share in nature’s heartbeat in this way.

My own preference is for spring when the trees are budding and the first flowers are beginning to open. The air is sweet with new nectar and fragrance. Fall also has a wonderful aroma, one of crispness and freshness with the change in humidity and cooler temperatures. The warmth of spring and autumn bring forth our own desire to be outdoors, taking it all in, appreciating the grandness of the changes around us. The subtle reminders that we too are entering a new time in our lives where things will change and we will grow in new ways.

We change with the seasons too. I find myself gravitating towards heartier warm meals and steamy cups of coffee to warm myself against the coolness around me. Snuggling deeper in the thicker blankets to keep the warmth longer around my wakening body in the mornings is also a treat after nights spent with light quilts and air conditioning. Now the coolness is natural. It is not controlled by our thermostats but of natures. Autumn reminds us of how much in our life truly is out of our hands so that we learn to flow with changes rather than resist them.

Nature in all it’s glory of beauty is our greatest teacher about change as well as sharing. It shares with us all of its wisdom and experience to help us in life. Useful things that can be passed down to help others. An appreciation of the knowledge that never goes out of style or becomes dusty and unusable. Nature wisdom guides us through the phases of life with the lessons we all learn along the way. Grow, thrive, change and rest. The essence of our existence so vital to our very breath each day. Autumn of course representing the changes in our life that can blow in briskly seemingly out of the blue but in reality are things we can attune ourselves to see coming in the subtle hints along the way.

I believe nature’s best gift that it shares is its naturalness. The wonder of simplicity in raw form that we so often find solace and comfort in when we most need it. Too often I think we fall for the idea we need so many things in our life to feel our best but when it all really comes down to it we don’t. We need the simple embrace of love, knowledge and wisdom to guide us well and a little respite for rest now and then. Nature does of all that you know. It restores our souls when weary, heals our body when broken, lifts our spirits when low. It is there gently nudging us to change, try new things and grow in new ways that we may not otherwise dare. It will be alright it seems to say. I’m here for you she urges encouragingly.

Autumn is a perfect time for remembering how much nature shares with us. The falling leaves remind us of lush green leaves that protected us over the spring and summer providing cool shade. They also shows us natures colors with an urging that we too should not be afraid to let our colors show too. The pinecones laying on the ground a promise of new growth to come. New paths, new landscape and new journeys to create. Everything in nature is openly shared freely and lovingly to help us in all that we do in our own lives. We are interconnected and dependent on the power of nature.

With all of it, is there any wonder why we would not turn to nature for all our needs? When we can turn to nature for the very food we eat and water we drink why then would it not be sufficient to support our health in all ways? Why would we not believe that nature’s sustiance to our hunger and very breath we breathe would not also extend to the cells of our body? It seems silly to consider anything else when I look at it that way. The truth is nature does share with us medicinal help in addition to the many gifts shared for our very existence.

The best way I have found to include nature’s sharing of health support in my own life is through essential oils, nature products and foods, the very elements of nature itself. To know if all of the world were to stop I could still eat, breathe, take care of my family and survive from nature I think is one of its biggest gifts shared with mankind. For many this was realized during the 2020 shutdowns with grocery stores bare and common items hard to come by. Not since the 1950s have more families had backyard gardens at their home. It started to remind and awaken us back to the sharing power of nature. It’s relentless giving to our every need.

Appreciating this relationship and dependency on nature makes us less interested in the trends and manmade items. We begin to see the power of nature re-installed in our life, its rightful place and soon there is no more room for other stuff that didn’t really work anyway. We are restored, renewed, replanted and rested in innate knowledge we knew all along. We desire the fresh, crisp and always available gifts of nature to sustain us. We crave fulfillment of a deeper level that can only be quenched through nature’s sharing to us.

If you are ready to bring nature into your life, visit my website to learn how to get started. You can also chat with me via chat or through social media (dragonspitapothecary on Instagram and Facebook)

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