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What's in Your Cart?

I often get questions about living natural specifically about how we do it on one income. Surely it costs more right? How can I afford “good” products that are pure?

After beginning our natural health journey over 3 years ago I am firmly convinced the problem isn’t living natural or even the budget constraints many of us face in our family. The problem is our own choices we make every day. It is the single biggest barrier between us and health.

If I ask you how to lose weight or improve a health matter I’m facing but I have a very limited budget where would you tell me to look first for help?

Most would say a gym membership, a trainer or new shoes. You have to invest money to improve your health and if you don’t… well then you better prepare for the medical treatments you will face. There are no options for you if you don’t have money to deal with it. You should just get to the point you can spend money and fix it then.

That is a lie but unfortunately many of us fall for it all the time. We can’t afford to join a gym, sign up for a meal plan program or other “standard” health support option so guess we are just doomed. NO!!!

I have found that answer to be a busted myth in my own journey. There is actually an answer even more basic than needing to spend money I don’t have in our family budget to support my health needs and those of my family. The best part is it won’t change the family budget by adding a new line item or increase what you spend now. I don’t have to increase costs to get healthy. Well actually it will probably decrease over time and then I can afford the gym, trainer and anything else I want to add if it’s right for us and our budget.

The place to start is with your grocery cart!

It does not matter where you shop either. We do online shopping at WalMart. I can’t necessarily find everything we use at WalMart but surprisingly they are growing in their natural options including recently adding things like hemp heart seeds, almond flour, and more! I also shop at Kroger and sometimes Aldi if I’m out and need a few things. Again though place doesn’t matter.

The place of focus that will significantly indicate where we are with our health is in what we put into those metal carts and push up and down these massive aisles trying to choose what we need to feed our family. It’s great if you get new shoes but let me tell you the ones you have right now will work fine in step one of improving your health.