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What Spring Fever Really Is

Spring fever is an energy that vibrates through our soul in perfect rhythm to the music of nature. It begins as a stirring.; a restless energy distracting us from ordinary and mundane tasks. We are lulled by the welcoming winds and warm sun rays to come out from where we are and live like we haven’t before. We feel pulled in mind, body and heart to be outside, in new spaces and new surroundings. We crave to feel the sun, see the flowers and trees emerge with fresh buds and hear the chirping of new birds still in their nest. It is nature’s song and we are naturally drawn to dance as it’s partner to this music.

Among the rising stalks of soon to be blooming flowers and green wisps of grass emerging from once cold ground our bodies are abuzz with a calling that is also growing rapidly. There is new birth of life everywhere we look including ourselves. Everything is fresh and awash in new color and brightness. We feel alive and awakened as if we too are coming from a rested place that was under winter’s strong hold but now we are free, craving the light, food and refreshing water fresh from nature to replenish us.

I believe spring fever is nature’s natural way of aligning us back to her flow and grace. Her voice is always present but she is loudest in spring. She knows we sway to and from her at times and phases but now it is time we return to her in fullest. It is a time of energy that brings our own heart beat in sync with that of nature’s heart and flow. We are aware of our surroundings and the changes going on around and in us. We feel a need to move where we once wanted rest. There is a desire to use all of our senses and experience a newness in life. We find our own body and mind are renewed with creativity and inspiration.

When we look to make changes in our life, in any area or several of them, we find the power and determination strongest in the spring. We feed off the natural energy around us to propel our progress forward. What was once impossibly frustrating can now initiate with ease and support. We find resources fresh from nature that appeal to our mind, senses, body and spirit. New spring lettuce, fresh cold water and bright emerging berries all waiting to deliver nutrition to our body and soul.

When we align our wellness needs to spring we find renewed interest in health goals. We can use nature to help us feed and nourish our body and provide pleasant surroundings to help us exercise. We rest soundly from the exertion of this new found burst of energy and awake with more the next day. Using this time wisely and leveraging the power of spring is where true progress can finally be realized. Taking a walk outside refuels us after days spent inside working. Sitting outside to meditate and reflect feels welcoming and comfortable. Our body, mind and soul are feeling inspired and charged to make those larger changes necessary for true wellness and well-being.

I believe we are naturally more happy in spring. There are things to look forward to and experience simply by breathing in fresh air. We are interested in real life connections with people and things supporting a more optimistic outlook. Our lives while constantly stressful and overwhelming seem lighter and in a better perspective than they were before. We feel stronger overall and in areas where we may need to make tough decisions. We find more reasons to smile despite our burdens. We are naturally more curious in spring too. Like young children exploring their world for the first time we too are interested and curious. We want to see, touch, smell and experience things we are familiar with but that now seem new to us once more.

Ah spring this beautiful time of the year where our hearts fill with a joy we find refreshing, our minds relax from daily troubles and our body’s find new sources of energy. It is indeed nature’s song in our own being calling to us. Dance with her she begs. Aligning your life to nature means you are attune to the changes in nature in your own being. Even if we are not outdoors people we still feel these changes and breathe deeper knowing we are surrounded by the loving embrace of nature herself.

As I look to align with spring this month I am feeling incredibly happy and free. I am anxious to let loose of the constraint from obligations that weigh heavy on my shoulders and even shoes so my toes can touch the fresh grass growing under my feet. I want to hear the birds and see them fly out of their nests to begin their journey in life. All of what is around me is good and I am able to use it for my own well-being. This is the message from nature to me reassuring and kind. I feel her love and support to me.

Begin your natural health journey this spring. Embark on this path that aligns your body, soul and mind to the natural music all around you. Feel nature’s call to your own soul inviting you to dance with her. Let nature support you and use her energy to refuel and renew. Experience daily life as if it were all new every day and let your natural curiosity, creativity and inspiration come back. Feed your body with the emerging gifts of nature so you can feel your best. We are extensions of nature herself and aligning with her flowing grace is where our true health can be realized in its most beautiful form.

Spring fever is indeed a fever of energy and lust for life renewed with the calling of nature. It is an invitation to re-align, recharge and renew our own lives to the music we were created to dance with every day. Doing so means we feel calmer, less concerned with things that really don’t matter and are attuned to the love around and in us.

I invite you to take the Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire to support your life with nature’s goodness. Start where you are comfortable and let nature love you.

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