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What Wealth Means to Our Kids

My son and I were driving home from his karate class this past Saturday and we saw a sports car. It was one of the new corvettes that was very noticeable at the stoplight. My son says as he is looking out the window of our minivan at it, that he is going to have a lamborghini when he grows up.

I said in response to him, wow that’s a really fancy car. Those are really expensive too! Inside my head I’m going oh my gosh I cannot even imagine what the insurance on a car like that would be for a young teen or adult

In my son’s eyes though he wasn’t thinking of the price tag but rather just being a young boy who has played with hot wheels cars and is starting to realize how fun it would be to have the real thing one day.

Hi I’m Amy with Dragonspit Apothecary. I’m a working mom and wife just trying to live well naturally the best I can every day.

Today, I wanted to share this conversation we had in our minivan because while it seems like just a normal kid conversation there is actually something really important underneath it all that spoke volumes to me when I unpacked it later.

See my son is like my kids, he sees cars all the time and knows most people have cars that look like everyone elses. So when you see something fancy or different like that corvette we saw at the stoplight, it catches our eye. It gives us that reminder that we don’t have to be like everyone else Unfortunately most us at this point think out loud or in our head well yeah that’s true as long as you have money to do that

Money certainly does help with some things but it is not at all what wealth means to our kids or what my son was teaching me in that moment. What wealth means to our kids is being different and in a good positive way that catches attention, makes us feel special and shows us in our best light When we feel our best we are confident, brave or at least courageous and we are not afraid to claim what we want in life. Our minds are open to opportunities and possibilities in a way that our dreams actually have a chance at coming true. Money doesn’t create that feeling However you can maybe make a lot of money if you pursue your dreams and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do that would change the world to a better state or create the life you really want to be living

Now where this gets interesting is maybe my son really does want that expensive sports car and that’s fantastic but too often most of us give up when we see something out of our reach. We think we’ll never be able to afford it or it’s not possible for us to ever have something like that We shuck it off as a silly dream that isn’t anywhere close to our current reality My son though because he has not yet in his life been through things that take away his dreams, doesn’t care about the price tag, he just knows this is something he wants in his life and is working on ways to figure out how to make that happen. His dreams are still fully alive as possible

I believe our children teach us in those regular moments of just being kids just how much we have let life force us to pack up our own dreams In our dreams we don’t worry about how much something costs or what we have to invest in it to make happen, we just do it. It just happens We’re driving around in lambos and living in beach houses right? We’re working at something we love and we feel happy and fulfilled in our dreams don’t we? There are not price tags in our dreams and if there are we never seems to find ourselves lacking what it takes to get our dreams to show us we can have it.

So why does that change when we open our eyes? I get that our bank accounts are not flush and we don’t live at the beach in real life but why do we give up the thought that those things are not possible when we are awake? What makes us wealthy in our dreams and poor in reality?

I believe it is when we open up that possibility of dreams being true and live in a way that supports that pursuit we find we too dare to be unique. We are brave enough to say out loud I am going to have that fancy sports car one day. Then we do the things that make that possible. We take that first step towards being true to ourselves and manifest the life we live in our dreams

When we listen to our children and their hopes and dreams, it is reminders of our own hopes and dreams. It is a reminder of what we have let life take from us and while we may have a good life now, it may not be the full potential of what is possible or what is really calling our hearts. Opening that window creates the ability to see a whole new path in our view that leads us to living that beautifully wild natural life.

Until next time friends, life naturally well

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