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When It All Just Connects

I feel that when people really get it, it is like a big awakening for them. Like one of those aha moments that all of a sudden it takes over their awareness and generates genuine excitement around them. In my mind what is even cooler to watch after those first few moments of seeing the awareness kick in is what they do next. How they use that awareness to shift so many things in their life because they now know something better. That is the real beauty of having a aha connection transpire into reality.

When it’s happened to me sometimes I’m embarrassed how long it took. Sometimes the solution really is something simple and yet I spent a lot of time doing everything but looking there. When it all clicks together though like the last piece of a puzzle you wonder why you make it so hard on yourself. It’s easy to reflect how you could have done something differently or now you see a shortcut that would have gotten you there that much faster. That’s not how it happened though and sometimes we need to take it the long way. I have stopped beating myself up for that because I usually end up learning quite a bit from the experience even if it did take longer.

I have learned over time that while the aha moments can be fun it truly is what happens next that makes the difference. Now that I know better what will I do about that? How will I proceed next? What changes in how I act, do something, believe, feel or see will occur as a result of this knowledge and experience? At times having a big aha moment seems to change the whole scenery and yet it was there all the time we just didn’t see it from looking at one particular small piece of it all the time prior to that epiphany. It is very much like the old saying about see trees and not realizing you’re in a forest.

Take for instance that time I started using natural products around the house. I didn’t expect much from them but was trying them out of curiosity. It was just a bottle of laundry detergent so there really isn’t anything to get excited about right? Yet when I took that first load of laundry out and it smelled really good I did pay attention. When it came out clean, fresh and just as soft as what I used previously I kept using it for more laundry. It was simple, cost less and my clothes were still getting cleaned. What made it an aha moment was I realized that single bottle was lasting longer than other things I had bought and I wasn’t polluting water or adding to additional plastic waste. Whoa! Maybe it isn’t just laundry detergent was my reaction.

I get that my example is small but it was impactful. I noticed it rather than just putting another load of laundry in and using typical detergent. Something clicked for me that was meaningful and it changed my behavior. It made me realize there were good options for cleaning clothes that delivered results, saved money and were good for the environment. Triple winner here and my laundry got done. I wasn’t out looking to become different or do anything different in my life but there it was staring back at me simply through a pile of neatly folded towels.

In my own opinion I think we often take the small things for granted and forget that’s truly where the big changes can occur in our life. We’re always searching for big things and yet they’re around us all the time. We forget about them because surely it cannot be as simple as changing what we use to clean our house or wash our face with every day. But what if it was just that easy. What if we could improve our health, as in really improve it and feel better more often?

What if all it took to achieve those things wasn’t the hours spent with expensive doctors or prescriptions but rather things we could do that were simple ingredients, easy to use and affordable? What if indeed.

As I started seeing things click in my own life for what it meant to use a natural product I noticed less trips to a doctor for illness, less spent on household cleaners, my skin being less irritated and broken out all the time and I just felt better. It felt like one of those unbelievable magic pills that results in fast weight loss that is effortless. In this case it was actually effortless to feel better and I had extra money in my account to buy new shoes to start working out.I could workout because I had more energy and felt better so weight loss did happen too. Maybe the answer truly is as simple as changing what we use every day.

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