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When There is More Than Just Money

In my business I measure more than just sales to determine my progress for a month. Sales volume and profit are certainly important but I’ve come to see more than that in terms of determining if and how much I’m succeeding. I look at what I put into it, the effort, how much it inspired me, how it makes me feel doing it.. I consider lives I touched, whether or not they bought something. I also look at overall footprint I made to see if it is truly leading me to my desired goals. Sure it’s nice to make some money too but after all this isn’t just a job because I’ve chosen to not let it be just that.

When someone new partners with me to start their own natural living journey and they want to build this as a business, the first thing I do is ask them two questions. I didn’t always do this but after learning it myself I realize it really makes a difference in initial and long term success. Why is this important to them now? What do they want to gain from it? Is it purely a monetary pursuit or is there something more motivating them? Most of us go into things at first seeing the opportunity as one that will help us financially and it should. Why else would someone invest in it if there is no return right? The difference though in direct sales and any entrepreneurial business is you often have to realize it won’t happen overnight. So if you’re looking for an immediate payout, this may not be for you.

The first question about why it is important to them now is very critical in understanding your circumstances. Is this an emotional decision to start something new or something have you been thinking about for a while? The question gets at what is driving you to now and determining the longevity of your focus with it. There are easier ways to make money, like part time jobs, consulting gigs and more. Starting your own business, even one with a direct product company is a commitment. By asking this question I’m looking for where you are on that commitment spectrum. If you want the results that reap true benefits you have to back it up with the commitment to see it through. Luck is for gamblers not entrepreneurs.

The second question about what you want from it also tells me some about commitment but includes something more. This is where we can see the glimpse of how much you’ve opened your truest dreams. Often these answers describe better work life situations, time freedom, being your own boss, having, financial security, empowerment, and more. I said many of them myself in the beginning. When I hear these words I repeat them back to you because that helps you really unlock what is in your dreams. Everything in life is possible but it always comes down to what we are willing to do to get them. Getting pass just seeing it as a money gain helps us realize how much bigger an opportunity may go in fulfilling our dreams while we’re making money.

The luxury in this journey is ample and the rewards promising for those that see it through. The trick is finding your own momentum and having a never ending desire to pursue your goals. In fairness that is more of a learned skill than a trick too because this is a journey of personal development that takes you to those places you didn’t think you could go or that seem hard until you start doing them. That’s where the results start to show up in not only how much you earn but in how you become more and more yourself. Where you see the gains as more than just what is represented in your sales volume for a month that is when you know you are in this area. Yes, it is important to be financially savvy in your business and make good choices along the way but luck has very little to do with success.

As more of us turn to options outside of traditional corporate work to survive financially in this world, direct sales remains one of the most viable choices. It lends to the desire many of us have for freedom in our time, actions, and creativity. It gives us that opportunity to test our own strength and develop new skills as a leader in business. It challenges us to not give up on ourselves.