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Why We Love the Farmhouse Style

It is no secret at all that the latest design trends in home decorating and style is called “farmhouse.” This style has come up everywhere including home construction floor plans, paint colors, furniture and even accents and decor. It is literally in every magazine you see and all over the HGTV home redo shows. Everything is instantly more appealing when it is labeled “farmhouse.” Black buffalo check prints, whites, grays with metal all play together to create this perception of what the modern farmhouse looks and feels like.

Farmhouse is a take on simplicity, slightly rustic and shabby chic with a touch of homespun elegance all bundled together to give us the feeling of comfort, ease of living and simple to keep up with in cleaning. This style also seems to understand what real family looks like every day in that sometimes it isn’t pristine, it can be loud and it’s where we can all be ourselves. Finally, designers are listening to real family needs in their trends mostly. I still struggle with how white on white is practical in most family homes but overall this is a livable design to use. I’m loving all the black buffalo check pops of color against a blue-gray color scheme myself.

We are drawn to certain colors and styles because they trigger feelings inside us. These feelings can transcend into our actions, behaviors, traits and attitudes. It can deepen our connection to ourselves to realize what we enjoy, take pleasure in and feel our best around. These feelings can also move us to certain actions, attitudes and motivations. For instance, in many of our closets is an outfit we know as our power suit. It is the outfit we put on when we need to feel confident, beautiful, graceful and courageous. The same can occur with how our homes are decorated. We fill these spaces with things that make us feel good, inspired, safe, content, relaxed and beautiful. Our homes are in fact a representation of us.

I like a lot of aspects of the farmhouse decor options. It lends well to a lot of feelings I wish to feel when I enter the door to my home and what I hope visitors also feel when they cross my front doormat. To me the farmhouse style is representative of welcoming warmness, simple easy going comfort that isn’t fussy, relaxation and peace. It is family centered where family and friends gather to share time, space and food. It is a return to recognizing what is important in our lives to remind us of simpler times where our souls can be refreshed and our hearts can be restored from the harshness of the world.

Is it Just a Throw Pillow?

Most of us do not live on farms these days. We live in townhouses and homes in neighborhoods on streets with streetlights, sidewalks and small front yards. In the case of where I live the neighborhood was in fact a long time ago farmland. But like most neighborhoods that have been constructed the land has changed purposes and instead of crops and livestock it now holds homes for many people. The closest we get to farms most days is through the small potted tomatoes on our patio or the farmer’s market we visit on weekends to buy vegetables and eggs. Yet, despite not being surrounded by a true farm environment we are drawn to this home style and decor.

When we bring that style to our modern day neighborhood homes filled with technology and automated devices we somehow feel transformed by it. It just feels good deep in our bones. We realize our connection to the Earth, family, wholesomeness and what life is really all about. It gives us a moment to step out of the stress of our lives and breathe. We feel centered, balanced, relaxed and able to reconnect on so many levels. Who knew the power of rustic painted simple sayings and black buffalo check could be so healing?

I think the draw to this style is actually deeper than our appeal to these simple designs. I believe it is an awakening of our souls to what we really need more of regularly. The popularity of this style is actually a calling from our hearts telling us something has been missing. We need that connection to Earth, nature, simple beauty and bounty of living well with what we create with our own hands. We need that relationship to those we love and the sense we are in fact worthy, have a purpose and can weather storms that come to us. Yes, a simple design that is so wildly popular you almost can’t find anything else is potentially the most healing beneficial element we can add to our homes. Or am I crazy and it simply is a throw pillow with a cutesy saying?

Welcome Mat to our Heart

These feelings and needs have always been with us. We can say all we want that convenience is more important and we are too advanced of a society to need it but this simple design style says differently. Our very appeal to this design says we are a society that is desiring simplicity, attention to what is most important in life and a re connection with the body of nature that makes life even possible. We want taste flavors that are real, touch elements that are interesting and inspiring, hear peacefulness in our surroundings, smell actual freshness and see a clean simple landscape that fills our heart of blessings and gratefulness. Capturing those sensations in our living rooms, kitchens and other rooms of our house helps us have a touch of these sensations every day.

While we may live in homes designed and constructed with modern technologies, how we fill those rooms is a statement about ourselves, how we feel and what is important to us. The farmhouse style popularity says that we care about carefree comfort that is relaxing and natural simplicity in our lives. How wonderful to take those design elements and actually incorporate true nature with it! Here’s what that can look like:

  • Watch out for nature impersonators like sprays and air fresheners that smell “clean” or “fresh” but that are actually manufactured scents that can be harmful to your air quality

  • Redo your cleaning supplies with effective cleaners that kills germs and bacteria while not harming your surfaces, skin, eyes and respiratory system

  • Replace your personal care products with ones that contain ingredients you can pronounce and that reduce your toxic load

  • Visit your medicine cabinet and look for opportunities to replace with natural options that support healing and health

I have found the doTERRA 100% pure natural products and oils actually makes these swaps easy and economical. Making these swaps gives us that farmhouse life feeling of simplicity, connection to the Earth and support with what we need it. It is endearing, timeless and aligned to what our souls and hearts are calling for through the appeal and popularity of this design trend. To get what I use simply click here:

Timeless Trends

Farmhouse living was once a way of life for many people. Today as we try to capture these aspects in a modern design we find there is actually a reason this design is so timeless and meaningful to us. Simple living where we feel safe, comforted and surrounded by love comes through to us in a farmhouse style that is endearing and feels good. Feeding our soul with these needs for nature and simplicity can be done even without acres of crops and livestock.

Come connect on our Member’s forum and tell us what your favorite aspect of the farmhouse style is! The Dragonspit Member’s forum is a place of sharing and learning all that it means to live naturally on your terms!

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