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Wild Horses of Life

One year for vacation we went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was a place I had always wanted to go because I knew there were wild horses that roamed the area. They are descendants of the Spanish explorers that have generationally lived freely among the beach area where boats had crashed and horses were turned loose. It was amazing to see these horses living this way, running along the beach, roaming between the grasses and raising fouls.

When I first saw them the thought came to me that someone should take care of them. How could these beautiful horses fend for themselves among the tourists and vacationers? I realize that was quite silly to think because those horses have been there for hundreds of years and thrived. Yet my instinct was this wasn’t right and needed to be fixed. The truth was it didn’t fit how we see horses usually in fenced pastures and pretty red barns filled with black gated stalls filled with fresh hay and bedding. It wasn’t structured but rather free and wild. That was fresh, raw and daring which is why so many people are intrigued by the horses in this area.

That experience has stuck with me and I’ve referred to it many times in my own life since. How often do I find myself in the fenced pasture and red barn rather than roaming freely in life? How often to I find myself saddled with demands for my time and attention against what my spirit is telling me I need? The irony of knowing I need to time block and schedule self-care time to relax. Some days my life is the farthest thing from a wild horse. It is in that moment of acknowledgement I know I’m not living naturally well as a result.

When I work with a new client to help them find natural solutions to their problems, I hear most often they just want results. They just want this one problem fixed so they can go back into the structured, never ending demands of stressful things they need to deal with in their life. This is where most people don’t realize that just applying an essential oil to something isn’t the full solution. It may help some in that situation and it may last a long time as a support but until we change the situation we will never be rid of that problem. Until we redefine, reconstruct and even walk away some things in our life with the intention of living differently, those problems will just keep happening too.

The truth is we need to release our spirit and find the path that leads us to where we still work and do all the things but we do it freely, willingly and from a place of inspiration. We let our spirits be at the forefront of our actions and it carries through the rest of our body creating positive energy. From there anything is possible in our life because we see the opportunities instead of chores, demands and errands. We feel empowered, confident and capable. That’s when things like essential oils support us even more than just being a Band-Aid to a problem. Our entire being aligns to nature and we move forward in a graceful way that is attractive, captivating and beautiful because it is our truest self.

The wild horses in the Outer Banks I saw that year were all of those things and symbolic of the life we all deserve to be living. Natural. Free. Spirited. Alive. Feeling those things shouldn’t just be what we can fit into a weekend or annual vacation. It is a sensation to feel every day that we manifest through creating the life we really want to be living. When we do that work things like those pounds we can’t ever seem to lose disappear much more easily. Our sleeplessness become sweet slumber. The constant heartburn and anxiety issues resolved. Freeing ourselves of the toxicity in our lives and replacing it with natural support is where we see transformations occur.

In working with my clients, I can see that most don’t believe me when I say there is more possible. We so often can’t see past the current pain in our life that we need relief on to see what else might be out there. Yet when we get that little bit of relief from using a natural product and we see some changes it lights some of my clients up to the point they get it. I can literally see the wild horse spirit in them awakening wanting more of that feeling in their every day life. Maybe they even get so inspired from it they want to help others find it too like I have.

Temporary relief is possible with natural products. It is when people think that only using that product will resolve it without any other changes being needed that we hear and see the feedback that this is a scam. Without changing our diets, toxic load in our life from our products, relationships, jobs and more of course it won’t seem like those natural products fix much beyond a little relief now. We must break away little by little to reclaiming the space where our spirits can live freely. The essential oils and natural products support that work and increase their benefit the more progress we make on those changes.

If you are ready to bring the wild horses into your life, work with me.

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