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Wise Words Once Spoken

I’m very fascinated with the story of how some things came to be. Like how did stories and recipes get handed down generation by generation and still be used today? How is that even possible given so much of our history lacked technology or elements to save this information! I have a hard time remembering what day of the week it is and yet ancient recipes and stories turned folklore were handed down and remembered so they could be handed down again and again. It truly is a beautiful connection of our heritage as a people across cultures and continents.

The area that fascinates me the most with this is in how man or woman figured out what elements in nature helped them. Like how did Egyptians figure out milk and salt baths with fragrances were good for the skin and health? How did they figure out putting Frankincense and Myrrh on wounds was good for healing? These pieces of our history are still in existence today because they work and have for thousands of years since the first person figured it out.

As I go deeper into my own learning of what it means to live naturally, I find incredible wisdom that is old and proven time and again. Certainly there are new aspects of information that enhance it but at the core of it all, the same elements used thousands of years ago still work today! It’s a beautiful connection to history in so many ways when I open a bottle of Yarrow/POM to add to my moisturizer or I grab the Peppermint to help with some heartburn. People use essential oils today because they work, just like they have for thousands of years before we were even in the picture.

I use quite a few oils every day that are just part of my routine. Most of them have histories that are simply beautiful while others we know minimally where they may have been discovered. We can see how people used them in their own daily lives and how it helped them with illnesses, diseases, pains and wounds, and even their beauty and emotional well-being. These same benefits we experience today when we open good pure oils and use them.

It feels much akin to having that wise sage person who shares with you timeless information that never goes out of style and is so proven you don’t even question it anymore. Seriously, I don’t even know how I could argue Frankincense isn’t the best oil ever for so many things because it’s mentioned over 100 times in the Bible even! People used them because it is what they had but also because they worked. How then could I question if that same inherent value still exists today?

Where I do believe we need to apply our own wisdom in this area is by making sure we’re not being fleeced with impure or unsafe versions of these ancient goods. I imagine some aspect of this has also always existed as there is always someone out to make a buck rather than having integrity for quality of their goods and services. However, because we have technology today we can find out for ourselves if what we’re about to buy is the good stuff or not. We also have a lot more resources to know how to use these things safely and to our benefit. Thankfully too, the ancient stories of origination, sources and history are also being preserved.

When I use essential oils for myself or my family, it is wisdom in a bottle as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t mean I never go to the doctor or need a prescription but it means I have a lot more at my fingertips that I can try first. I can take care of myself and my family if for instance I can’t afford a doctor sometime. Given the scary situation of our U.S. government push for socialized medicine and big pharma profit driving influence in medications this gives me assurance I can limit being their victim too.

As far as it being impossible to know what to use what for or even feeling overwhelmed at where to start, that is easier for modern families too. When I started out using oils I researched everything because I wanted to know all the things of what was possible. From there I quickly realized there were some oils I really needed more than others for our specific needs. For my family that included making sure the oils we bought were pure, thoroughly tested and coming from a place that paid it forward to family farmers and harvesters. I wanted to keep that connection to others extending the history of what makes these oils remain so powerful in helping our health and well-being.

The wisdom in using essential oils is that you hold a great deal of information in every drop. You also hold the ability to heal, support, take care of enhance your life. Most importantly or perhaps just endearing to me is the connection it makes to a long line of history associated with that oil that makes the experience timeless and beautiful. It feels special and I have to say in all the pills I’ve taken in my life no medicine I got from the pharmacy gave me that sensation and instead just left me wondering about side effects I may experience. Again, I do believe there is a space for when medicine is necessary but until that time I think there is wisdom in nature’s medicine we should look to more proactively.

Essential oils may not be for everyone but I believe they should be. Our ancestors may not have had things like Google, WedMD or even anything to write on but they were far from people who lacked knowledge. Living in the harshest of conditions with rudimentary tools they figured out a few things that have served us all for a long time since they walked this Earth. That is powerful to me. It is wisdom of the best form giving us guidance that still applies to our lives as humans.

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