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Your Business Training

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Training is an important element to your small business in direct sales. There will always be something you can learn to be successful, do things better and see improved results. Sometimes training is just about learning a new product or understanding the pay structure too. All of this should be accounted for in your business plan and goals for the small business you have opened up.

Understanding and identifying what training you need and how that can be obtained is important for your planning. Training can be very expensive so considering alternative means to getting training may take some time to identify. We will also learn a lot just by operating our small business every day that could one day turn into it’s own training we can offer to others coming after us.

Here are some of the key training components you should consider in your business plan.

Product Training

Making sure you understand the product or service you sell if super critical so you can be of use to your customers and prospects. Being able to answer basic and complex questions about your products helps build trust between you and your customer.

This is not to say you need to know every scientific detail but you should know enough to answer questions and direct the person to more technical support where needed. For instance I do not know every scientific fact about doTERRA essential oils. However, I know where to go to get that information if someone asks me for it.

Compensation Structure

Understanding how your direct sales company runs compensation is a very big deal. You need to know the ranks, average pay and exactly how compensation is calculated for commission, bonuses and other types of pay you may receive. If you don’t know how the numbers work in your company you will never be able to know if you were paid correctly or not.


Training can also be found in the form of mentoring. For the direct sales small business understanding who to ask for mentoring is essential. You want to find subject matter experts who you can trust and that will give you their time and focus to help you. Not all mentors are equal.

Find the one that can help you in the area they are specialized in. This could mean you have several mentors you turn to at a time for different topics. For example, one of my upline leaders admits she is not the best at placement strategy but another leader elsewhere is and offers training to help.

Don’t forget too that many professionals outside the MLM industry can be excellent resources for mentoring. If for example you need help with marketing or social media strategies a professional outside of MLM may be your best source.

Company Training, Conventions and Regional Seminars

Most MLM companies will have an annual convention and regional meetings they host through the year. These are incredible opportunities for you to learn about the company, their successes and long term focus areas. Knowing this information helps you set goals for your own business and leverage the tools available through the company.

The wonderful thing about doTERRA is their annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah is the largest MLM convention in the U.S. They have now expanded capabilities to enable those that cannot travel to Utah to participate in the convention online! They also host regional mini-conventions in the Spring and Fall to share information and help provide training.

Interested in more?

Even if you cannot afford official training make sure you still have some training components to your business plan. Leverage the free resources available to you in and out of the direct sales industry. Your local library is still one of best resources available that is free as is local colleges and professionals in areas where you need help.

If you have questions or would like more information to help determine if doTERRA is right for you, please reach out!

Contact me!

Joining our team means you have access to incredible training and collaborative support to help you be successful. We love working with others who like us want to live life naturally on their own terms. Check out our business packs to help you get started successfully!

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