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Zombie Essential Preparations

Until I saw The Walking Dead (TWD) TV show or played Plants vs Zombies with my son and husband, I never gave much thought to zombies outside of Halloween costumes and general entertainment. Zombies were cute little decorations hung and poised to give off a scary decor at Halloween. They were characters in old black and white movies that were mostly harmless and funny. They are the bad guys in the Plants vs. Zombies games that you pop their heads off with pea shooters. Then I saw “walkers” from TWD and started thinking about zombies differently.

Perhaps there is something to zombies that is darker, scarier and worth considering as a possibility of something that could happen. Goodness knows we have enough diseases and medicines that don’t work that something like this could happen – couldn’t it?

Are people who “prep” for major catastrophes or apocalypses onto something we should all be doing in the event zombies are real?

I like to be a little prepared for the unexpected in life. I don’t consider myself extreme about it but I do like to have some extra toilet paper in the house, an extra top in my suitcase and just extra of the things I know we go through frequently. I also like to know what I consider “essential” when it comes to my family’s health and any needs that come up are also readily available. Prior to this post I never had a full list of all these things that I’d consider essential for these types of situations but given that this is Halloween week I thought it wise to create one and share it so we can all be safest.

Amy’s Zombie “Bug Out” List

When I think about what we would need if we had “bug out” or deal with a zombie onslaught this is what I came up with as best to help my family survive:

  • Toilet paper (of course)

  • Granola bars, dry cereal or other non-refrigerated, non-perishable energy food

  • Fire starter kit

  • Physical protection items

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear

  • Water

  • Portable travel batteries and phones (assuming we could get power to recharge at some point)

  • Maps of secondary roads

  • Extra canister of gas

Essential oil bug out kit:

  • Melaleuca for cleaning, purification and detoxing spaces and us as well as first aid needs

  • Lavender for sunburns, bug bites and rest when we could take it

  • DigestZen for upset stomachs eating any food we could find on the way

  • Balance to help us keep our wits and think clearly

  • TerraShield for bugs – perhaps it would work on the zombies too?

  • OnGuard for immunity and cleaning protection to keep our energy up

  • Breathe for the stench of zombies all around us

  • Arborvitae for sunscreen (with Lavender) and bacteria protection

  • Black Pepper to season the foods we were able to find

  • Frankincense because there’s nothing this oil can’t do

  • Lemon for water hydration support

  • Jasmine because I’m sure the next hot shower will be a long time away and who wants to smell bad?

Perhaps a few of these would help chase away or get rid of zombies. I’m willing to experiment to find out if the need arises. The good thing about essential oils is they are small so they won’t take up much space, you only need a small amount so they will last awhile and they work for a multitude of purposes.

Also, thinking it could take a while for civilization to get back running it will be reasonable to think I could find most of these things in nature and can easily learn to make more when needed. When you think of it that way there’s really no reason to wait for zombies when we can apply to nature to life every day now and be well positioned for when this day arrives.

Get Prepared Now!

You don’t have to wait for the zombies and then realize you don’t have what you need! Natural pure therapeutic natural products are available now so you can be using them, learning all they do and be rightly positioned if ever needed to live in the zombie times.

To learn more and how you can get your zombie kit visit our website!

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