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90 Days

When you make a lifestyle change, big or small, it can take up to around 90 days to start seeing a noticeable difference. Depending on the change that 90 days can go quick or it can feel like 90 years.

My recommendation for anyone starting out using essential oils whether for their health or home is to try it consistently for 60-90 days. When I started using oils for my face routine to heal adult acne that 90 days felt like 90 years. I didn’t want to take any sign of improvement seriously for a while because I had tried many products in the past that would work upfront temporarily and then acne would come back worse than before. This however worked and after the 90 days I used it another 90 days to be sure it was for real.

After the second 90 day period I allowed myself to get excited. I really started to dig into what else these little essential oils could do in my life. In looking at those options I became aware just how much toxic load I had in my health and home. When I started to understand the difference in natural versus regular products I was stunned at how much of a toxic wasteland our home environment was.

As with my skin care change I have been slowly testing and experimenting with different things instead of just going all out in a natural revolution. That revolution is happening but it’s just more subtle so I can be sure what we switch to is going to work for our family.

My skin is so happy.

Next on the list in our home:

I think we’ve made a healthy start to things transitioning to natural and essential oil based products but there’s still more we will be doing. So this wasn’t a complete hit to our budget and to not be wasteful we have been using up what we had on hand and just replacing it with things we make or buy that are more natural. There really is no reason to go hog-wild as you can do it in phases. I do recommend again starting small and trying out what works and doesn’t in your home. Doing this small will help you realize the changes and adjust where needed before expanding to other areas in your life and home.

Our next transition will include:

  1. Window cleaner – I’m almost finished with the regular cleaner and will be remaking with our own using Lemon essential oil

  2. Dusting spray – I will also be replacing the dusting spray with an essential oil version I make

  3. Deodorant – When I replace my personal deodorant I am going to be trying a natural deodorant with Melaleuca in it. I’ve already identified the one I want to try!

  4. Dishsoap – I want to start using the OnGuard Concentrate to wash the dishes in. I’m not sure yet if it can be used in the dishwasher but plan to explore that.

It’s important to take the time and make sure you like it, it works and you realize the benefits of the change. That can take up to 90ish days so have fun with the journey!

Interested in more?

If you’re interested in essential oils or have questions, please let me know. There is never an obligation to purchase anything. I will happily share the recipes and formulas we’re using in our home or share with you what worked and didn’t for us. If you want to purchase oils I will help you find the best options for you and your family.

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