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Aligning to the Spring Rains

Today I’m listening to the rain pound against the windows and watching it run down the yard. It’s been pouring for hours now with no sign of letting up. It’s one of those chilly days where a fire, good long book and hot bowl of soup sound delightful. (and a nap of course!) Thankfully it’s a Friday where I can log off work a little early and make plans to do exactly this as our family activity.

Even though it is spring and we are excited to push forward with activities, be outside more and let sunshine rule our days I like spring rainy days. These rain drops remind me that even in our busy season it is worth having a little rest. It’s nice to be able to change plans and enjoy leisurely afternoons and evenings cuddled up as a family. As busy as most families are I don’t think we get to take much time to do this type of relaxing very often. It’s healthy to take a break. Our body, mind and soul crave these times when we can do so. Honestly it’s probably something we should do way more than we actually do.

What I find is that when we have these rare opportunities we are so used to being busy that we can’t enjoy this time. We think of loss time we now need to schedule for what was planned. We use it to clean, catch up on inside chores and projects. We grumble about it even! Here is this perfect block of time that we often say we wish we had and now we don’t know what to do with it! I’m guilty of this too! I’ve even gotten mad at not being able to do what I planned outside because of the weather. As if I could change the weather or simply stomping my foot in demand it change per my wish!

It’s hard to stop and break when we’re so used to going all the time. It feels weird to not be doing, moving or thinking about something that has to be done. As busy working moms we never lack for a load of laundry to do or something that is waiting for us to do it. I equate this feeling to being on the treadmill and all of a sudden someone yanks out the power cord. We are left pushing that treadmill belt manually and not getting very far. It can almost feel stressful like we’re forgetting something if we feel like we have a spare minute to ourselves!

The truth is our body, mind and heart were not meant to be doing something all the time. We need that disconnection time that includes not having technology in our hands. Our family relationships are strengthened and deepened when we connect face-to-face, eye-to-eye, shoulder-to-shoulder in the act of play, time in conversation and simply being together. Turning off our phones and playing a board game, sharing a cup of coffee, eating a meal together are all ways we can disconnect and yet truly connect. This act recharges us and lets us view our whole priority and to-do lists differently. We realize we can let some things go and change our pace in our actions. It’s ok to get off the treadmill of stress and take a breath!

In my career I have at times become a real work addict. It’s not that I enjoy work all that much but rather it’s the necessity of it all that supports life that makes me push as hard as I do. I want to be financially secure and give my family a nice lifestyle. I want to have bills paid and food on the table without worry. To do that I work hard. I focus on an intense level and I go with all I have until I fall flat from exhaustion. It’s important to me and yet I know the toll it takes when I catch myself not appreciating a rainy afternoon when I can just read a book, play Uno with the family or work on a quilt at my sewing machine. That’s a telltale sign to me that I need to reassess what’s going on and change my pace. That’s my red flag alert that I’m not connecting deeply on the right things in my life.

The demands in our daily life are fierce! So often they take the joy out of the process and suck time right away from us without even us being aware it happened. We end up wondering where it all went and what we missed. When I catch myself grumbling about the weather or something that is changing plans I try to see the opportunity in that change. I reach for some doTERRA Passion oil and reclaim my sensibility that lets me play spontaneously or relax leisurely without guilt or stress of what I could be doing instead.

Pray for rain my friend and then make the most of that experience!

Are you ready to live more naturally on your terms? Join me!

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