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Building on Uniqueness

Since we’re focusing on the word BUILD this month I realized that could mean a lot of different things for each of us. The beauty of living naturally is we can all appreciate the different journey each of us is on in every area of our life. I believe it really lets us approach one another in a greater spirit of love and openness as well because we become more curious about the uniqueness of each other.

I often think about what it means to be unique. Despite our societal trends to honor each others differences we often find we go to the extreme on this topic and end up not being able to know how to say, behave or even introduce ourselves to someone else. There is this ultra sensitivity that makes us intimidated to be ourselves or say how we feel as a result. Unfortunately, the beauty of being different in any way isn’t something our society is fully prepared or equipped for handling though we scream it’s offensive not to. It seriously leaves us in a conundrum of how to talk to one another, how to help each other and how to live next to another. In many ways it’s like forcing introverted lifestyles on us all to avoid conflict.

When I look through my lens of how to honor the uniqueness of individuality through natural living I see a wider opportunity. It becomes less important about what those differences are and more emphasis is on ensuring we all area able to flow in our own life, fill our needs and be respectful of each other. We have a greater propensity to give one another what we each need and recognize the true beauty in each of us in that journey. You may think that sounds rather 1960s free love and paisley flower style and in a way it may be. The wonderful thing about this way of thinking is we can be curious and open to each other while still honoring how we individually feel. It becomes safe to say how we feel and what we need without offending another. I don’t believe we live in those kinds of times given what we see on the news or social media, especially on the subject of politics.

How often do we say when we see something wrong that “someone should do something about that?” It always seems like someone else’s job to fix, resolve and make better what we have found. It’s someone else’s responsibility to make it a better world, we just need to take care of ourselves and mind our own business. Our son will see a piece of trash in the parking lot on the way into the store and say something about it. As hard as it is because it’s not always convenient to us I have started to ask him to pick it up and throw it away. There are bins right outside the store for it. In doing this small act, I realized that I think for too long we have become entirely too comfortable with living under the motto of “See something, say something” rather than “See something, DO something.” In the end it costs us nothing but an extra minute to pick up that piece of trash and we move on in our errands without even remembering it half the time. Think about how that same action impairs our ability to make true connections with another!

Instead of seeing the world as full of injustices we believe others owe us or that life isn’t fair why isn’t there more action demonstrating we can and do individually live life naturally on our terms? I don’t believe that means we all get into tons of debt for something we think we need but rather it means we live responsibly and do our best to be decent human beings every day. We are curious and kind to each other while respecting that someone else may be different than us. We learn what we can from each other, set good examples for our children and go about our day. This is not the 1960s flower power lifestyle but rather is the way we can overcome a lot of the ultra sensitivities that is preventing us from being happy and healthy in 2020.

I believe this means redefining what it means to live and let live in a modern society and doing so in a way that is more natural to who we are as humans. It is leveraging some great lessons (and music) from our history and applying them to our own lives in a modern way. It is realizing we are very much in control of our own life and journey and all that our life will ever be. We can do and be anything we want in life but it is entirely up to us to figure out how to do that and where to take it without impacting, impairing, limiting and taxing others in our own personal pursuit because well they too have a unique path to follow in their life. Yet it is very much about the curiosity and kindness to each other that allows that transpire into something beautiful.

In order for us to build and promote the uniqueness of each other we have to first stop and take a deep breath. We won’t like necessarily what someone else has to say or agree with what they believe in and we don’t have to. Yet if we don’t listen to each other with an open heart to curiosity and kindness we will never get to the point where we can accept the differences among us and honor what is unique. We will never reach the point where we can have a civilized society that accepts everyone for who they are and not what we expect them to be.

For me that starts by setting the example with my son that we have to do more than use our words to promote how we want to live in this world. We have to stop expecting someone else to make the world affordable and beautiful and do our part too. We have to stop, bend down and pick up that trash ourselves to create the world we want. We have to pursue what is right for our family and what it means to live most naturally honoring those needs without expecting others to understand it. We also have to honor that each person will define what that means differently. Yet we are all right because it is right for us.

Are you ready to look at living your best life more naturally and what it can mean?

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