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Business Trust Dynamics

When you are really certain about something you feel it everywhere in your body. It’s a bone deep feeling. That assurance and confidence comes over you like a breath of fresh air on a crisp Fall day. It is comforting and soothing while being energizing and focused all at once. You definitely recognize this feeling and know when the stirrings of it start to form in the center of your belly. You literally feel the tinglings of it’s build up forming inside you that is backed up by instinct and confidence that you are making the right choice, taking the right action and moving in the right direction. It is like the universe and your soul are in perfect alignment singing a beautiful harmony that can only result in a delightful outcome designed by you.

That feeling of assurance comes from confidence that we have within ourselves. It stems from our knowledge, experience, lessons learned and trail of activities and failures that led you to this very moment now when you are acting on what you know is right. Confidence is built over time from the hard lessons, disappointments and continual picking yourself up to try again eventually learning the perfect approach, pitch and action to take the achieve success. Yes, these feelings can transpire from luck or guessing but there is a rewarding satisfaction of realizing the success is built on hard work and earning it.

All of this happens from the process of learning to trust yourself.

Trust in Yourself

Women especially tend to have a hard time accepting confidence and trust in themselves as innate gifts we possess as beautifully made soulful human beings. We tend to be programmed more often than not to need validation, acceptance and even approval on our decisions, choices, moves and actions. I still find myself asking others to check my work or validate a decision I’m thinking through.

I’ve caught myself seeking ways to include others in a collaborative way to determine an appropriate path of action for myself. Why is that? Why do we feel able to make decisions but still seek out the comforts of others ageeing with us on that choice? What drives us to want their approval especially when that decision is for us, our benefit and even our business?

I am not saying that asking someone to check something for you or give guidance is wrong but when we do it because we are lacking the confidence and trust in ourselves to make that decision alone we are limiting our own strengths, wisdom and intriution to act on what our soul may be telling us is right for us. We can easily lose our own voice in this process by believing our decisions must align and appear to fit in with what others expect us to be do, behave like and have as accomplishments. This is literally like giving up the controls of your life for someone else to orchestrate.

The first time you act on a decision through sheer trust in yourself it can be both freeing and frightening. It is liberating and there is a set of butterflies in your stomach as you push that button to see what happens based on that decision you made. Often we miss the pleasure, satisfaction and excitement of doing something because we are afraid of failing and having someone point it out to us or letting them see we were not right. If is fails, we instantly blame ourselves, feel like failures and say we should have known better or listened to someone else. When we act on a decision guided by someone else and it fails we can just blame them and not feel this disappointment, guilt and weight of what just happened. However, if we stop for just a moment in that failure, take it all in and really look at the path that led us there we realize the amount we have learned and know an incredible amount that helps move forward differently, stronger and more wise.

Learning to trust yourself and having faith you can move in your own best interests is powerful. It is an act of love for yourself that is only matched by your growing evolvment in knowing you can trust your own mind, heart and soul. When it comes to business decisions and strategy, this level of trust is what will make or break your success whether it is in a business of your own or working in a corporate setting. This is truly how you stand on your own and use guidance, advice, and mentoring as a way to build up your wisdom instead of using it as a crutch to uphold your decisions.

Expansion of Trust

When you trust and have that confidence in yourself it radiates into your actions that attracts, assures and guides people. In your business this is how you attract customers, work with how you can solve their problem and make sales. It is exactly how you expedite relationship building with potential customers and develop the reputation for being a source they can go to for help. That help translates to sales.

The first impression you have with a new person who could turn into your customer is what will stick with that person long after they have first met you. If you are shy, uncertain,shaky in your voice and delivery then they will not be so quick to see you as a reliable expert and voice they should turn to for help. They will not see your product as something they need or believe will work for them. This is what is meant by being a living example of your product and service. If you express instead a confidence, assurance and pride in what you do, take the proactive approach in meeting new people then that first impression is much more positive. Who would you rather interact with at a party? Someone who is shy and not comfortable telling you what they do for a living or someone who walks up to you, shakes your hand and acts curious to learn who you are? Which person would you be more comfortable getting to know and enjoy spending time with at a party?

Even if you are introvert having trust and confidence in yourself will help propel you forward in situations you are not comfortable and help you focus on why you are making those actions. Firmly knowing you are capable, able and willing to do that even if it is outside your comfort zone puts the other pesron at ease, starts conversations and gives you the precious opportunity to see if they are your ideal customer or next team builder!

Oil Support

Learning to trust yourself is a process and something you will continue evolve the longer you have own business. The more you trust yourself the more others will be inclined to trust you too. These oils are incredible at supporting the progression of trust that will lead to enhanced confidence for you in your business:








doTERRA Breathe



Applying some of these oils, like Rose and Breathe, helps you pause and move in grace more confidently.

Interested in more?

There are many things in running your own business that can make you uncertain about yourself. It is definitely a wonderful experience if you’re looking for ways to improve your confidence and trust yourself.

If you are ready to embark on a journey to live life more naturally on your terms alongside likeminded women who are encouraging, collaborating and supporting one another in this process then you have found the right place! It starts with choosing your own path and starting with the tools and support you need to be successful. Click here to begin!

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